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The Cast

Homogeneous is the same. Homogenius is Homorazzi. 

Once upon a time, group of gays became the best of friends. Through the outings, parties, and fun, this inclusive entourage of group of guys became known for their dynamic bond, drama, and adventures. Join them as they invite you into their group of friends, sharing their personal and joint experiences, and their view on the world and its happenings from each of their own, uncensored pursepective.



DONOVAN – “The Meticulous One“: Formerly the VP of a Top 20 kids/teen online magazine property, Donovan brings his online expertise to this project. Donovan and his boyfriend Brian have been together for 15 years! Who knew relationships could last this long. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

PATRICK – “The Forgetful One“: In Patrick’s spare time, Patrick keeps busy with soccer, softball, CrossFit, and with his dog Lucy. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

ADAM– “The Witty One“: Adam recently graduated with his master’s in counseling psychology and finally moved out of his parent’s home. He’s seen every movie and watches all of the latest and greatest TV shows. He always has the most outrageous jaw-dropping stories to tell when it comes to his personal life. He continues on his ongoing quest to find a long term boyfriend… or even a short term one. Adam keeps active playing soccer and softball. Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

TOMMY D – “The Shameless One“: Tommy is one of Vancouver’s top promoters for the LGBT community, a TV host for OutTV, a HUGE comic book nerd, pretty dorky Cosplayer, loves spin class, anything to do with Drag, Canadian and American politics, is a big mouth and most importantly an old queen. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

JONNY STAUB – “The Social One“: Jonny is Canada’s first “out” radio personality on Vancouver’s number one hit music station – The Beat 94.5. He (with his sultry voice) is always on the go, attending the best concerts & events and keeping up with his various social circles. He also has an adorable dog named Tackles that he takes to work with him every day, and a boyfriend named Kodie. He doesn’t take Kodie to work every day.Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

ALEX – “The Classy One“: This “A-Gay” moved to L.A. for an exciting new job which has kept him very busy. Lucky for us, we get to stay with him when we go down there…right Alex? Alex’s drag persona’s name is Shelita. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

TYRELL– “The Dancing One“: Check out his music on iTunes).

TOPHER – ” The Indie One”: Topher is very wise in the ways of the web and is always on top of the latest indie tracks. Topher accepted a position with his company in Europe that took him all the way to Amsterdam for two years. His new location is Seattle! Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

REDD– “The Feisty One“: Redd (with not one but two D’s) knows his fashion, trends, & all things fabulous. He has a very cute wiener … dog named Dani that he’s often seen walking as he gets his morning latte from CooCoo Coffee. This little fashionista is also known for his hair (a lot of work goes into it) and his shoes. When Pride comes along, rest assured he’s worked his butt off and is Reddy to flaunt his chiseled abs. Have you seen his tattoo? Redd now reports from downtown Toronto. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

DAN – “The Cultural One“: Daniel / Dan works in advertising and is in a long term relationship with fast food and not ashamed of it. He also has a boyfriend. In his spare time, Dan frequently attends concerts & plays, always has his nose in a new book, and always finds time to rewatch his favorite episodes of Golden Girls. Naturally, he has the whole series on DVD. Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

RICH – “The Ginger One“: When it comes to politics, Rich knows his stuff so be sure you don’t get Ginger Snapped. He’s outspoken, always looking for a good time, and has a thirst for adventure in life – evident in his Wonder Woman twirl. On Homorazzi, Rich is best known for his famous ANTM recaps. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

NIC – “The Indulgent One“: Nic works in the wine industry, and is always up for popping a cork. He loves to cook, drink wine, and is always up for a scary movie. Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

BRIAN – “The Pretty One“: As mentioned above, Brian and Donovan have been together for 10 years. Brian is the cook in the relationship and is very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness and order…so its fitting that he works in management at a bank. He and Donovan love to travel and like Redd, Brian has an obsession with shoes. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

CALAN– “The Do-Good One“: Calan, the 2009 winner of Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, is a more recent addition to the Homorazzi contributors. Calan is always smiling, meeting new people, and loves a night out in the town. Follow him on Twitter!

KEVIN – “The Friendly One“: Kevin is always smiling and laughing, which is quite infectious amongst our friends. He stands strong in his beliefs and opinions and is not afraid to back them up and/or vocalize them. Over a year ago, Kevin was promoted in his company and was relocated to Canada’s biggest city, Toronto. In his spare time, Kevin can be found singing in a choir, curling, or bustin’ a move on the dancefloor. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

STEPHEN – “The Green One“: This fifth generation Vancouverite enjoys staying active by running on the seawall, curling with Donovan and Brian, and dancing the night away with the boys! With a background in geography and a keen interest in sustainability and public policy, this self-confessed ‘news junkie’ loves finding new ways to reduce his ecological footprint and tries (too hard sometimes) to be ‘Switzerland’ when it comes to conflicts between friends.Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!


SALEEM – “The Mischievous One“: Saleem can be described as mischievous, friendly, and sensitive. This techy took a year off a couple years ago to go traveling in Australia and has since had to re-integrate himself into the real world of rain, cold, and 9-5’s. He’s currently working on a some entrepreneurial projects of his own. Check out his Q&A questionnaire. Follow him on Twitter!

DAVE – “The Beefiest One“: Dave is dating another Beefcake in Seattle, owns a lot of Louis Vuitton, and is always dressed to impress. He’s opinionated, loyal, and although he’s big on style and brand names, he’s is an avid eBay shopper so never likes to shell full price. He and his BF can get a little wild on the weekends, but keep each other in check. They dress very matchy-matchy. Just sayin’. Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

LANDON – “The Because One“: Landon was Patrick’s roommate for two years. He’s obsessed with working out and is an up and coming DJ in VanCity. He’s the Because One because he always has a reason why he did or didn’t do something…because…! Check out his Q&A questionnaire.

  • myna

    You guys are awesome. I’m hooked already!

  • Great site guys, Boomstone on Twitter too….How come I can’t contact you guys…no message will go through…says I failed…sigh…..

  • YEAY! Saleem got a profile!

  • Nathan

    Wow… when I originally heard the people involved and idea… wasn’t sure how it would go over, but so far, excellent job everyone. I know a lot of people are excited about it and it seems to be keeping everyone’s attention.
    Huge Kudos’. Keep it up.

  • Hi Nathan,

    We’ve never formally met but thank you so much for the compliment. We all really appreciate it.

  • Jason du Preez

    Interesting…very interesing! I like this….Homo’s with some style…

  • Aaron

    Ain’t no black people who can be part of that cast? I thought Vancouver was diverse?

  • Dan

    So nice to meet you guys in person at the OPUS party! Im glad we all support LC from The Hills!

  • jocelyn

    *waves at the girls*

    Tommy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photograph that looked less like you. 😛

  • Jose

    You guys need a Spanish speaker cast memeber that can present and inform what the Spanish community is doing.

  • Dan

    How is Stephen STILL the Green one? It’s not even true!

  • Oh Dan, I’ll admit, you’re greener – with jealousy.

  • lauren toyota

    what about the Asian one!!
    or is that Donovan?
    What about the black one? I know someone…

    seriously this site is genius 🙂

  • Mike said,15 May, 2009 at 12:58 pm aww this is disappointing news. ,


    DONO-BAN (in pilipino!) Thanks for the shoutout! I had so much fun with you and your crew. If you’re ever in Toronto please give me a call! Colin, Justin and I are big fans of the Homorazzi!! Kisses xoxox

  • Wait… when did we become friends with Cheryl? I love her! Where can I get my hands on the keys to that storage locker she uses for Home Heist?!?

  • Steven

    Glad to see at least a couple of men of color contributing… Heterogeneity over Homogeneity any day, I say!

  • So, who’s “The One”?

    BTW, it’s URL, not URI (See under Leave a reply)

  • Time to update these… don’t you think? We need to account for the latest round of breakups… sigh… lol

  • Jo

    I should be sleeping but stumbled across this and have been here for an hour reading 🙂
    Will be back for sure.
    Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  • Hey guys, I just found your website and am already loving it.

    Is it me, or does Calan, Tyrell and Adam have the same profile photo? (x

    Keep rocking. (:

  • Sweet Lou

    Hi Guys….!

    Love the site, super awesome!
    Do you guys let outsiders, like me (all the way from South Africa) contribute to the blog?
    P.S. Callan you are super hot!

    Enjoy, and remember the only reason people get lost in thought, is because it’s unfamiliar territory…. Hehe


  • adebisi

    calan you are so [email protected]#kin cute!

  • alvey

    hooked and loving it!
    You guys are fantabulous!
    Keep it up!

    Love Love!

  • alvey

    marry me, donovan!

  • alvey

    ooopsies, donovs is married to b’s. LOL! ;D

  • jenmer

    i love reading your articles. with a cast like that, i felt envious. i want to be there. 🙁

    anyway, im looking forward to read more eye opening and interesting topics about our orientation.

    keep it up beautiful people!!



  • deni

    Have a nice busy !!

  • michael

    met you ryan in ptown today really think ur awsome u made my day

  • Rowell James

    May I apply as the “Obese Class I, yet a Nurse one”?

    Thanks, Thanks!

    I hope for an affirmative reply soon.

    Kind regards,


  • David

    You guys are so cool. Some people try to define what the “gay” stereotype is, but just from reading each of your bios, the diversity is crystal clear. LOVE reading your ANTM and Glee reviews… you guys always share the EXACT same perspectives as me. It’s creepy 😛 Allison for the win!!!

  • Yay David! Team Allison ALL. THE. WAY.

  • erwin

    arg, i love all of you ;D smile.

  • i want to be one fo u !!!

  • i love u cohen

  • Rob

    guys I love love love your blog
    I come here like 15 times a day

    keep on the good job!

  • Lee

    Hey guys,
    Love how up-to-date you are with all the new music, because hunting down the newest tracks is one of my obsessions! Keep up the great work in everything you do to make your blog an enjoyable read, during the not-so-enjoyable commute!

  • Tim

    What a bunch of swishy nellies. Tommy looked manly hot and then opened his mouth. GAWD.

  • joe

    Is this a website or an advertisers dream? There are more ads then articles. Setting me up to click on a link that makes you money? And who do you people think you are? Seem like a judgmental bunch of narcissistic queens lol.

  • Sonny

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  • Anon

    Jonny is NOT Canada’s first “out” gay radio personality!!! OMG…how dare you dude. Toronto has had an all gay radio station for over 7 years now. Its called Pride FM. Maybe you have heard about it??

  • Anon2

    These so-called “cast” members are doing nothing positive for gay culture in Vancouver or anywhere else for that matter. Nothing but mindless, ignorant pretentiousness at it’s most finest. The “A-Gays” are perpetuating negative stereotypes of gay men, and that’s just in their bios! Nothing but fluff and bullshit – I most definitely will not be reading anything further on this website; another potential project ruined by gay celebrity spotlight wannabes . I see many of these gays around town, noses in the air, and I would never want to have friends as brain dead as these men – that’s probably why they all hang out with each other.

  • Anon

    This site is superficial, stereotypical, self satisfied. Dreadful rubbish.

  • CherryCoke_WPG

    He was my vote.

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  • Dan

    I heard one of you highly unethical toads, Adam lied and blurted out in a bar full of gays that he had sex with a gay health care practitioner in their clinic and completely destroyed that persons reputation and career. Nice to know you guys keep it classy…

  • Trilby Elliston Williams III

    I met Adam once. He seemed desperate and very uncomfortable in his own skin. He talks 90 miles a minute and goes on and on and on about how fabulous everyone he knows is. I guess if he can convince others that he lives an amazing, fabulous life he will somehow be acceptable. I actually kinda felt sorry for him.

  • Mary Beth Roberts

    ANTM Cycle 16 Makeovers Episode 10 Opening Credits Finale Recap: And the Winner Is

  • Mary Beth Roberts

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