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  • JAred NIlssen

    My name is Jared Nilssen, and I live in Victoria.

    I am outraged that my name has been used in this article, as I am NOT the manager of Paparrazzi Nightclub, and I was not present on the night in question. My family and peers have brought this article to my attention, and I have reviewed the article.

    I cannot fathom how my full name has been made public in your article as I have never given it, even on facebook!!!

    You will need to retract this information of this article regarding my involvement as I have dear friends that operate the establishment and I do not wish to be involved in ANY way, shape or form.

    If you do not retract this article as well as my namesake, I will seek further action in the form of litigation against this website.

    my email is [email protected] if you wish to respond. In the mean time, you must remove this article from your website as it appears on Google and other web searches and I feel this is slanderous agaisnt my reputation.

    Remove it immediately!!!


    Jared Nilssen

    Victoria. B.C.