‘Will & Grace’ Revival Nielsen Ratings & Rate The Episode

Will & Grace returned to Thursday nights on NBC this week. After an 11-plus year absence, would people still tune in? The answer is a solid ‘yes.’ The sitcom drew over 10 million viewers and a 2.9 rating among adults 18-49. Not including football, W&G delivered the best numbers of the night.

In addition, it was the best NBC comedy launch since 2011, not including post-Olympic debuts. With regards to overall audience, it was the most-watched NBC Thursday comedy in a decade when My Name Is Earl drew 10.7 million in 2007. When compared to the last season of the comedy’s original run, the premiere’s numbers are actually better, minus the original series finale.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Live+7 DVR numbers are and how the show performs in the coming weeks.

What did you think of the episode? Personally, I LOL’d all over the place. The quartet’s chemistry is still there. It’s insane how after all these years, it’s as crisp and still a winning formula. I will say, however though, there probably were a few too many Donald Trump jokes. Sure, they had to address the elephant in the room and get political, but a couple of less jabs would’ve been nice. With that being said, from what I’ve read, the following episodes are the ones to watch. They’re less political and back to classic W&G.

Rank the premiere episode below and share your thoughts. I also added a few of the jokes aimed POTUS 45.

Karen to Grace: “Melania called me last night after one of her night terrors. She said the hubster’s been pouting cause his office is a real dump.”

Grace in the Oval Office: “I am awed by the majesty of this office. Just think of the great minds that sat at this desk, shaped the course of history. (Opens a box on Trump’s desk.) A Russian-English dictionary and a fidget spinner.”

Grace: “Karen, hand me that curtain swatch. I need to make sure it works with his coloring. (She opens up a bag of Cheeetos.) Yep, that’s the one.”

Congressman (Eddie Matos) to his assistant: “Page, please give Mr. Truman a tour of the West Wing.”
Page (Kate Micucci): “Oh, congressman, before I give anyone a tour of the West Wing there’s a security protocol that I have to — oh, what the hell, rules don’t mean anything in this place anymore.”

Page: “We’ll start in the Oval Office, but you should know, the owner’s got someone in there redecorating.”
Will: “The owner?”
Page: “There’s a lot of new words they want us to use.”
Will: “Redecorating for this president? What desperate fool would take that job? It’s just going to be redone in a year.”

Secret Service Agent (Kyle Bornheimer) to Jack: “My job’s gotten a lot easier. The nutjobs we protected the last president from are this guy’s biggest supporters.”

Page to Will: “Welcome to the Oval Office. The owner would like you to know it’s the best Oval Office you’ll ever see. It’s tremendous.”

Page seeing Will and Grace argue: “I can’t watch another husband and wife fight in this office.”

Lastly, Grace reveals she left a red hat near Trump’s desk, which read “Make America Gay Again.”