Welcome To Homorazzi 2.0

homorazzi-2It was a long time coming, but at long last, Homorazzi.com gets a makeover. About time, right? She was starting to get a little crinkly 😉

Hope you like the new design. It’s still a work in progress as we try to streamline the flow and navigation. Appreciate all your patience with the downtime.

With a shiny new look, we have a renewed focus to be even better than before. In the coming weeks, we will be unleashing new features including a newsletter, travel microsite and much more.

Sadly, during our server migration we lost a few articles. The past four months and all of 2014 to be specific. With that being said, check out some of our new posts and weigh in on your thoughts on 2.0.

Also, if you’re looking to contribute, we are looking for a social media intern. Head over to Contact Us in the footer and shoot us a message.

  • Eric Smith

    I am really loving the update to the site!
    All I could see as an improvement is an ‘archive’ page which puts all of the articles on a date timeline, giving us an opportunity to see all new posts and not miss anything!

  • Thanks so much for the feedback. As per your suggestion, we’ve created an ‘Archives’ page. You can reach it via the footer or the side bar in via a dropdown menu.


  • Nozuka

    Love the new design. Just one more thing: Every “category” on the Frontpage is clickable to show all the articles in that category. It would be great if “latest articles” was clickable too. Would be a bit more convenient than the archive.