Trevor Donovan Nude In Us Weekly

I have been faithfully tuning in to 90210 this season but it’s definitely been missing its sexy Trevor Donovan gay story lines. Let’s be honest, Donovan’s character of Teddy Montgomery was a trail blazing moment for the CW in introducing a prominent gay character into their network featuring a gay kiss as well between him and actor Kyle Riabko. Not going to lie, this moment still gives me goosebumps.

Without being on 90210 regularly, Trevor has had some spare time to take part in a few photo shoots – one of them being for Us Weekly. You might want to turn on the AC because this one is HOT HOT HOT! Shot in black and white, Trevor dons nothing but a towel covering his naughty parts for the new photo. Swoon.

“It was supposed to be a 60s Steve McQueen/James Dean-type shoot mixed with ‘naked in Atlantis,” the actor, 33, tells Us Weekly of the exclusive photo, taken at a pal’s house in, naturally, Beverly Hills. “But the zip code was not 90210!” jokes the hunky blond.

How did Trevor prepare for the shoot? “Shots of tequila,” he tells Us. “Just kidding! Listen, there is nothing shameful about the human body. It’s a beautiful thing!” We agree Trevor, your body IS a beautiful thing and you should definitely pose nude more often. To maintain his great physic, Donovan trains with a personal trainer everyday, eats well and does a lot of cross-fit workouts.

As for Trevor’s character of Teddy Montgomery, we may not have seen the last of him. “Who ever said Teddy’s story line is over? I’ll leave it at that!” Up next for Trevor is Savages directed by Oliver Stone also starring Blake Lively. The film revolves around two pot growers who face off against the Mexican drug cartel when they kidnap their shared girlfriend. You can watch out for that when it hits theaters this fall.

  • Not much of a “blonde guy” type of guy myself…but Trevor is an exception…one big hottie. Although, I did NOT appreciate your click-bait with the untrue article title. 😉

  • Brian

    Come back Teddy,come back!

  • gogo

    I live for this man!

  • Perry

    He’s more attractive off the show. To be honest, he does not look like a senior in high school.

  • Janey

    he’s beyond gorgeous, smart, witty and just lovely. The CW network are fools

  • Sara Phaleon

    I was so pissed when CW took off Teddy but kept all those other useless characters. Teddy was the best because of Trevor. Don’t care what show he goes on next I’ll watch it

  • rogelio

    this guy is like a human ken doll… he is flawless