The Black Eyed Peas Get Animated For Their “XOXOXO” Music Video

To say that the new Black Eyed Peas music video is out of this world wouldn’t be an understatement. In a cute, animated video, the three male members of the group take off in a spaceship set for the moon. But where is Fergie? She is still on Earth sending text messages of X’s & O’s to her men up in space. When the gal gets disappointed she isn’t receiving any text messages back, (Umm hello!? They’re in space!) she looks to the sky to see that they’ve constructed an x-shaped space station to hover beside the moon to make one, giant XO. Cute right?

The track XOXOXO appeared on the Pea’s album “The Beginning” and was honestly a song I had overlooked as it wasn’t a stand out track to me. However, this cute, Nickelodeon-like video has changed my perception a little bit. However, there are some lyrics in this song I can’t get over, like the use of “L’eggo, l’eggo my Eggo.”

I was actually surprised to come across this new music video due to the fact that in July of this year, the group announced at a concert in Staffordshire that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus after completing their tour. The group has done this before but front man did insist that this didn’t mean they wouldn’t stop creating. I guess the choice for an animated video is due to the hiatus? Who knows. Check out the animation creation below.