Will.I.Am. Releases Britney’s “Big Fat Bass” Teaser

Will.I.Am. has been talking about working with Britney a lot saying that the work they created is going to be a smash. Well hold your breath because he just released a little preview of some of their work and I have to say in the words of Marc Jacobs, I am completely underwhelmed. I guess Will is trying to make Britney the next Fergie but unfortunately, the speak-song style doesn’t work very well on our pop princess. She tried doing this a few times on her In The Zone album and I think she stopped doing it for a reason. The track itself seems to be fun and well produced but it definitely doesn’t match the style of Hold It Against Me or the other teasers we’ve heard from Dr. Luke.

Will released the teaser with a special message to Britney saying:

the big fat bass. this is a taste. this is the intro. the bass is an important element to club dance music. this song celebrates bass. thank you britney for collaborating it was a pleasure working with you. thank you for trusting my instincts. you’re a doll. i look forward on working with you again… its an honor because you rarely do collaboration… im your second… im glad you like the big fat bass… i did this little art my self on my mac… i made it on the plane from japan to l.a… i hope your britney army likes it as much as we do

I know this is only the intro but what do you think? Heavy hitting smash, or dead weight sinker? I love the piano in the intro a lot but when Britney’s voice comes in, its my least favorite, but I’ll leave the decision up to you.

  • Jimm

    I agree, Britney ruins the song (from what we can hear, at least).