SUPERFRUIT Debuts Videos For ‘Deny U,’ ‘Hurry Up’ & ‘Goodbye From Lonely’

Like they did for the first part of Future Friends, SUPERFRUIT is on a mission to premiere an accompanying music video for each track off part two of their debut album, just released last month. Every Friday like clockwork, a new clip has dropped. Since I’ve missed the ball with their last couple of releases, I thought I’d bundle them all up in this one convenient post.

While all three are fantastic, visually speaking, I like “Hurry Up” the most. The Jake Wilson-directed video finds our fabulously gay duo, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, partaking in a little speed dating action. For fans of the NBC comedy The Good Place, D’Arcy Carden makes a cameo in it.

Watch “Hurry Up” below, along with the clips for “Deny U” and “Goodbye From Lonely” directed by Colin Duffy and Dano Cerny respectively. Can’t wait to see what the boys have in store for their future videos.

SUPERFRUIT ‘Deny U’ Music Video

SUPERFRUIT ‘Hurry Up’ Music Video

SUPERFRUIT ‘Goodbye From Lonely’ Music Video