Sofi Tukker Debuts Luscious Visual For New Single ‘Fantasy’

Ahead of their Coachella gig next month, Sofi Tukker has unleashed a new single. By far, it’s their most commercial to date and should please existing fans while winning over new ones. As a hardcore stan, naturally I’m already obsessed.

The anthemic “Fantasy” has been an audience favorite at the duo’s rapturous live shows. The lyrics and vocal delivery are intimate and introspective revealing a defiant vulnerability that speaks to how Sofi Tukker have evolved as people and artists since their debut. Sonically, their egalitarian and global view of music has transcended borders and on “Fantasy” they have achieved an atemporal quality by collaging elements of the 90s Euro-pop classics that captivated them with their decidedly modern view of dance music.

The music video, directed by Charles Todd, was filmed in Mexico. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern reveal below the concept behind their stylish new clip.

“Once you have built up a whole imagination about somebody (or something), you may think you have to risk your life and put all your energy into achieving it. But then when you get there, it’s not what you thought it was at all. In the end, it’s all about the journey. That’s what the video is about: we are on a journey to realize our fantasies, and we have to overcome obstacles to get there, but when we finally reach the goal, we instantly get transported to another world,“ Sofi Tukker say about the clip. We wanted the styling to reflect that we are on a completely different planet. We wanted it to mesh with the crazy colors of the fantasy world we created. Everything about the styles and colors and textures all contributes to building this other world.”

Check out the colorful visual below. As always, Tucker looks fine as hell. Can you tell I have a slight crush 🙂

Sofi Tukker ‘Fantasy’ Music Video