Scream Queens Leaked Scene Shows Character’s Death (Spoiler??)


Scream Queens doesn’t hit the airwaves for a couple more months, but several scenes from the pilot have surfaced online. One of which, shows one of the character’s meeting her demise. Chick gets stabbed while trying to tweet for help. Stupid beyotch 😉

In case you’re wondering why there are question marks following ‘spoiler‘ in the title, it’s because this actress’ rabid fanbase thinks the following scene isn’t actually a death scene but rather a dream sequence. Watch the scene below and judge for yourself.

What do you think of the donut-licking diva’s death scene? It was pretty obvious Ariana Grande wasn’t going to survive the entire season, but do you think Ryan Murphy would’ve killed off one of his most high-profile cast members in the first episode? Or is it a dream sequence as so many Arianators are hoping for? Sound off below.

  • That scene is so hilarious, can we have one with Taylor instead of Ariana? Thanks!