#SaveHomorazzi: Get Our Show Back On The Air!

A month ago, we got the news that our show, Homorazzi was getting put on extended hiatus, but living in a media filled world we kind of know what that means. We got cancelled. When asked about why we didn’t really get a proper answer, just a couple that skirted around the issue and didn’t really give us an exact reason…so your guess is as good as mine!

5 years ago we were contacted by OUTtv to create a talk show based around the Homorazzi website with a few of the cast members from the blog. Adam, Patrick, Nic (who left after a couple years) and myself were put to work. What we created we never ever thought would last five years, and in fact was the longest show OUTtv has ever produced. It was honest, opinionated, annoying, outrageous, scandalous and even sometimes pretty smart. I discovered a whole new avenue to express myself (as did the other 2) and it became something that I always looked forward to.

We were authentic and real. We were three gay guys that sat around and talked about what most gay guys talk about. Our viewers ranged from teenagers to men in the 60’s (believe me I’ve met a lot of them). Most loved it, some hated it but in the end it was a fun entertainment show where we got to express our opinions and talk about life. Over the last couple of seasons we even broadened our topics from entertainment to include politics and sex (Remember my infamous “champ” moment?”) It taught me to be more open in talking about things I normally didn’t want to, which I am pretty proud of.

But for me the biggest thing about this silly show is the fact that we reached a broad audience. I will never forget the first fan letter I got in the first season (and I still have it) and I’ll never forget going across the country earlier this year and meeting so many viewers of the show (Most loving, some hating, but all watching!) and it just boggles my mind that people tuned in and actually enjoyed what we were doing.

So here is my plea…we don’t want to stop doing the show. We know that we need to evolve it, and we are talking about that now, but we need your voices to be heard at OUTtv if you want this show back. So if you’ve ever agreed with us, disagreed with us, yelled at the TV, watched an episode and laughed, thought Patrick was cute, thought Adam was an asshole or loved one of my eye roll moments do me a solid and send an email to [email protected] just saying so.

It’s rare to find good gay Canadian content on TV these days so why not keep us on and see where we go?

[email protected] people…JUST DO IT! (or CLICK HERE to go to their contact page)

  • Fred

    The show has just ran it’s course.