Matt Damon Convinces Sarah Jessica Parker To Resurrect Carrie Bradshaw For Good Cause

Sex And The City 3 probably will never come to fruition, but thanks to Matt Damon, Carrie Bradshaw has been resurrected. The 48-year-old actor convinced Sarah Jessica Parker to step into her iconic character’s Manolo Blahniks one more time for a worthy cause.

“I just thought it was incredibly clever, and it made perfect sense. I really feel that this cause is important and urgent, and reviving Carrie in that moment was just the cherry on the sundae,” Parker told People about reprising her role.

15 years after the series finale of the HBO series, Parker recreated the iconic opening for a Stella Artois commercial. The 15-second advert is part of a partnership between Damon’s non-profit and the Belgian beer brand. has helped some 16 million people gain access to safe and clean water since 2009.

Check out the clip below.

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