New ‘Rock Way’ TV Pilot Promises To Revitalize The Teen Genre

When I was in high school, I remember how I couldn’t stop watching The O.C.. That show not only had a grip on me but my entire group of friends. We’d watch it together, discuss it during the week, quote the show and even compare it to our own lives. To be fair, our lives were never that dramatic or intense but we couldn’t help but vicariously live through the lives of Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa. Since then, there have only been a show or two that have really captivated the same type of audience but they still remain super genre specific, like The Vampire Diaries.

Creator Jordan Ross believes it’s time to step in and revitalize this genre for younger TV viewers. “It is my belief that we, as people, must go through the heartbreak, the discovery, and the suffocating uncertainty of being a teenager. But, most importantly, it is who are when we come out on the other side that truly defines who were, and where we are headed. Nick, Stephanie, April, Max, and Carter are a combination of who we all are at one point in our lives. It is my desire to bring to life a show that can make you smile, make you laugh, and ultimately break your heart. Rock Way won’t be the NEXT anything. It will stand on its own, and it is my hope it will inspire many like its predecessors before it.”

Directed by Matthew McInnis, the pilot has already gained a ton of traction and is boasting quite the star-studded cast. The list includes Stephen Lunsford (“Teen Wolf,” “Switched at Birth”), Drew Seeley (“Another Cinderella Story,” “Glory Daze”), Katherine Mari Stevens (“American Idol”), Molly McCook (“Excision”) as April Ryan, Katie Wallace (“Awkward”), Jeremy London (“Party of Five,” “7th Heaven”), Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight,” “Heroes”), and John McCook (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). Wanna know what the show’s about? Check it out below.

Rock Way is the story of five teenagers walking their own paths as they try to find the
best version of themselves in the small suburban town of Rock Way, Pennsylvania. Nick
Bradley is a privileged high school junior who has been given everything he needs to
succeed, and more. He’s smart, charming, and perfectly complacent with the way his life
has played out thus far. Unfortunately for Nick and his family, even the most perfect lives
are never quite what they seem. In an attempt to give his family more than he had
growing up, Nick’s father, Todd Bradley, orchestrated an embezzlement scandal; hidden from the eyes of the community that trusted him, Todd stole millions of dollars from its residents. When the truth finally comes to light, Todd’s illegal activities slowly tear the Bradley family apart. The crime also has devastating effects on Nick’s relationships with the people around him, including Max Hayes, his best friend; April Ryan, the girl of his dreams; Carter Allen, the secretly vulnerable cheerleader, and Stephanie Hall, the girl in the back of the class. In the midst of all the secrets and lies, the students of South High are each searching for something to believe in, something that defines them. As Nick and his friends come to terms with the fact that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, they find that it’s not who remembers you; it’s how you are remembered. “Rock Way” is from Evermore Media with executive producers, Jordan Ross and Matt McInnis and supervising producer, Carina Adly Mackenzie. McInnis will direct the pilot, produced by Rubin Mendoza and written by Ross.

Stephen Lunsford as Nick Bradley
Drew Seeley as Max Hayes, Katherine Mari Stevens as Carter Allen
Katie Wallace as Stephanie Hall, Molly McCook as April Ryan
Stephen Lunsford, Molly McCook, Drew Seeley

Filming of the pilot will begin shortly. I spoke with Matthew McInnis earlier last week to discuss this new project and he is so ecstatic about it. I hope this gets picked up by The CW or ABC Family. Even though I am very much passed my teen years, I still love watching these teen dramas and reading this synopsis has been chomping at the bit to get watching. If you want to keep up-to-date with the show and its process, you can check them out on Facebook:

  • John Allenson

    It has Steven Lunsford. That gets me to watch the Pilot episode.

  • Ted S


    Let me know when a really “unique” show comes along

  • Jay

    the title NEEDS to change ….its not catchy enough! just based on the title i’m not wacthing ….Rock Way sounds like a total snoozefest :/

  • OdetoFear

    Yeah, no. I like the new type of teen shows (Awkward, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, My Mad Fat Diary, Inbetweeners (UK), Skins (UK) something on the perspective of the loser crowd. These standard teen soaps that are just a regurgitation of Beverly Hills 90210 are all the same. Still though, the vuluptiousness of the blonde and the punky look of the the brunettes looks promising. The boys do nothing for me.

  • DouggSeven

    Hello awkward bulge on the bottom picture. How are you?