Patrick Swayze’s Road House Being Remade


The great Hollywood remake revolution continues. The latest vintage flick getting resurrected is Patrick Swayze’s 1989 film, Road House. Swayze played an elite bouncer brought in to clean up a rowdy Missouri watering hole. Naturally, he clashes with a few of the locals and beds the hottest chick in town.

Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara and Sam Elliott also appeared in the original. Road House only raked in $30 million at the box office, but did well on home video and garnered a cult following.

MGM confirmed earlier this week that Rob Cohen, the man behind The Fast and the Furious, xXx and Alex Cross, has been tapped to direct the remake. Very few other details about the project have surfaced. If it reaches the casting stage, who would you pick to fill Swayze’s shoes? Weigh in below, after watching the original theatrical movie trailer.

Road House Movie Trailer

  • Martin

    Simple….Chris Hemsworth…

  • Justin

    I can’t think of any actor that could pull off a movie part that was done by Patrick swayze !