Non-Celebrities Check Into ‘Rehab With Dr. Drew’ In New Series Trailer

In the first trailer for Rehab With Dr. Drew, we are reminded that it’s not just priviledged celebrities that often have trouble with addiction. Instead of doing another Celebrity Rehab, he’s taking America to the front lines of addiction problems. These are your brothers, sisters, mothers, sons, daughters, etc.

The series reminds me a lot of A&E’s Intervention, but in a rehab format. I guess you could say it’s what happens after they get dropped off at the end of Intervention. “Over the years,” Drew says, “thousands of viewers have been reaching out, asking for help with their own addictions. Now, eight brave patients are checking in to the Pasadena Recovery Center to fight for their lives.”

The series premieres on Sunday, September 16 at 8pm ET/PT on VH1. Watch the supertrailer below.

‘Rehab with Dr. Drew’- Supertrailer

  • Juan Jose

    Considering his track record with the celebs I would be worried going to him