Redfoo Wants To “Award You With [His] Body” On New Solo Single

I have to admit, I was a little devastated when party rockers, LMFAO called it quits. Who was now going to provide me with some seriously addictive party anthems for pre-gaming or heading to the bar? Thankfully, the boys have been working on music separately to quench our musical thirst. After SkyBlu released a few singles, it was time for Redfoo to do the same. Last week on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he debuted his new single, I’ll Award You With My Body.

The pulse-pounding, electro driven track is exactly what you’d expect to hear from the former party-anthem creator as he raps out, “if you do that girl like, ah, I’ll award you with my body.” Personally, I cannot wait to bust out some serious moves to this on the dancefloor at the club this coming weekend. If you were a fan of Sexy And I Know It, then this jam is for you. A solo album is expected to be released sometime this year. Give a listen to his new track below and tell us what you think