R. Kelly Streams His Black Panties


Thanks to his wicked Lady Gaga collaboration, “Do What U Want,” R. Kelly is back on the charts again. Hoping to further solidify his comeback, the 46-year-old singer is releasing his 12th studio album. His first with RCA Records. Word on the street says it’s vintage R. Kelly at his best. I have to agree. His duet with Kelly Rowland is giving me R&B life.

“Black Panties is going to be something like the 12 Play. If anybody out there knows about 12 Play then you know about Black Panties because basically it’s 12 Play upgraded, like an Apple phone that’s got new apps on it.” – R. Kelly

Controversy has surrounded the singer like a guardian angel throughout his career. He’s already received criticism for his album’s artwork featuring a woman as a human cello. Some say it’s misogynistic? Would you expect anything less from the man who once sang about being reminded of his woman by waxing and riding his jeep. His latest effort includes a track titled “Marry The Pussy.” Oh, R. Kelly, never change. Check out his new album, Black Panties, below.

R. Kelly Black Panties Album Stream