OneRepublic Preview ‘Native’ Album

I have been a fan of OneRepublic from the day I first the track Apologize on the radio. How many years later and I am still jamming out to this pop/alt rock band. After the group released the track Feel Again last year, I knew that this new album was going to be pretty solid. And then this January, the group dropped their International single, If I Lose Myself and I immediately fell in love and was ready for Native.

Yesterday, the band released a first little album teaser. I would have to say that the sound of the album is mix of their old sound and songwriting mixed with a little bit of the The Killers and Coldplay. Stand out tracks aside from the two previously released singles including What You Wanted, I Lived and Can’t Stop. This album is definitely going to be a must-have for me this Spring when it drops on March 26.

OneRepublic, “Native”

  • 1. Counting Stars
  • 2. If I Lose Myself
  • 3. Feel Again
  • 4. What You Wanted
  • 5. I Lived
  • 6. Light It Up
  • 7. Can’t Stop
  • 8. Au Revoir
  • 9. Burning Bridges
  • 10. Something I Need
  • 11. Preacher
  • 12. Don’t Look Down
  • 13. Something’s Gotta Give
  • 14. Life In Color
  • Mark O.

    From the previews, I can already tell I’m gonna love this album. I had this dreamy, soothing feeling listening to these previews. Favourite tracks for me are Something I Need & I Lived