Nicki Minaj Brings The Party To Trinidad In “Pound The Alarm” Video

Nicki Minaj has debuted her music video for “Pound The Alarm” and it’s so good! I feel like it’s timed perfectly with Vancouver Pride coming up this weekend because she has one hell of a party with her dancers in the video.

Set in her home country of Trinidad, Minaj is dressed up as a carnival dancer with feathers and all and as the party unravels, the fun reaches new heights with people on stilts, fireworks, and more. At the end of the video, we take things slow as Minaj walks through the aftermath of her rager.

There lots of booty, boobs, and bouncing to compliment the catchy, up beat track. The video was directed Benny Boom, who filmed Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap” and “Right by My Side“. Enjoy the video below!

  • Rob

    Haha Nicki is so bad with her videos.. Starships was catastrophic and this one is not really good either.. I mean she just doesn’t look natural, she’s akward you kinda feel bad for her
    but nice that she shows us a different place in the world, I didn’t knew anything about Trinidad =)

  • Ian

    I can’t handle this sloppy mess. Somebody clean this girl up