Casey Wilson & Busy Philipps Team Up For Tina Fey NBC Pilot ‘The Sackett Sisters’

It’s like a prayer that I didn’t even know I was hoping would get answered. The television gods must know me better than I know myself because this dream casting is nothing short of spectacular.

Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) are teaming up for a new comedy for NBC, titled The Sackett Sisters. Not just any old one, but one from the creative genius that is Tina Fey. The single-camera comedy follows two polar-opposite estranged sisters who perform an act of public heroism and are forced to navigate the aftermath together.

Phillips’ character Maddy, the older sister, is described as “the family’s living embodiment of their failure,” while Wilson’s Sutton is the epitome of stable and lives a mundane and boring life in California. Bradley Whitford is set to play their estranged father, Henry Sackett. Joining Fey behind the cameras are her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/30 Rock collaborators Robert Carlock and David Miner.

Fingers crossed the pilot doesn’t suck, because I need this series in my life. Casey and Busy are two of the most underrated funny ladies around. They need a vehicle worthy of their comedic talents and this might be it.

Does The Sackett Sisters sound like a hit or hot mess? Weigh in below.