Introducing… Kevin


Since today is Easter Sunday, we’ve decided to highlight Kevin who seems to have become our resident religion expert. Kevin has stated numerous times that he’s quite opinionated so when I stumbled across this picture, I immediately thought it was perfect image for this post. You’d be hard-pressed to ever see Kevin not in a good mood; he’s always smiling and laughing his head off. If you’ve read any of the other “Introducing…” cast member series, you’ll notice most of them give short answers. But, true to form, Kevin’s responses to these questions are some of the longest. LOL. Just bugging Kevin.

What is Horoscope Sign?
Sagittarius- though just barely (apparently I’m on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp… whatever that means).

What is your Dream Job?
I would love to own a winery.

What is one of your Pet Peeves?
Just one? Kidding. But, I really hate when people use acronyms that don’t achieve anything. Like saying “kewl” instead of “cool”. Why do they do that? It’s not any shorter- all you’re doing is spelling the word wrong!

What is your Guilty Pleasure when it comes to Fast Food or Junk Food?
McDonald’s chicken nuggets and ice cream.

What is your Favourite Quote?
I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. (Lily Tomlin)

What is your favourite Childhood Memory?
When I was a little kid, we lived around the corner from my grandparents and spent a lot of time there with them. I have a ton of really fantastic memories from that period, but one of my favourites is this:

My grandpa had Parkinson’s disease, so he would frequently be sitting in his reclining chair, napping. Whenever it was time to eat, grandma would send one of us over to wake him up by whispering in his ear or giving him a kiss. When he woke up he’d look at you expectantly until you said: “Shake a leg grandpa, it’s time to eat”. He’d then start shaking one of his legs and we’d all laugh. I think it was my first lesson in irony.

If you could be someone else in the Homorazzi cast, who would you be and why?
Probably Jonny… he’s got that awesome radio voice, and who wouldn’t love to be on the radio, talk about music all the time and get the opportunity to meet famous people?!

What is one of your Bad Habits?
Talking myself out of going to the gym. It’s super easy, you should try it sometime.

What’s your fave drink/cocktail?
Ooh… this is a tough one because there are so many goodies. Right now I’d have to say it’s a Pimm’s Cup. (Pimm’s, Ginger Ale, splash of Bitters & a slice of cucumber).

What are three personality traits you would use to describe yourself?
Loud, friendly and loyal.

What are three personality traits people would use to describe you?
Ha ha- hopefully the same I use to describe myself, lest my perception of myself be completely untrue… Just kidding… I think most people would agree that I’m friendly, and would also say I’m opinionated and jovial.

What are some of your nicknames?
Mary and Kevin Alan.

What cartoon character would you be and why?
Jean Grey from X-Men. She’s hot and has superpowers- what more could you ask for?!

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  • Kev, buddy let’s trade voices and jobs this week….I love this “getting to know you stuff”. Next time I see you, I’ll ask you to shake a leg like Grandpa! xoxo

  • Ha ha – you got it Jonny! I’d trade any day!! 🙂