It’s October 3rd, Happy Mean Girls Day!!!

If you’ve seen the film as many times as most gays have, you know October 3 is the day Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asked Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what date it was. It’s one of the memorable lines from the extremely quotable comedy.

Check out the scene below to refresh your memory. And as an aside, don’t you think Aaron Samuels, does in fact, look better with his hair pushed back? I’m definitely watching Mean Girls for the umpteenth time this weekend.

Also worth watching, is Todrick Hall’s hilarious parody Mean Gurlz.You won’t regret it. Happy Mean Girls Day everyone. And even though it’s not Wednesday, might I suggest a little pink today.

  • JFG

    Shouldn’t “Mean Girls” day fall on the day Cady joined the clique (the beginning of the end of girl world as we know it) or the day Cady rises to QueenB (dethroned the “problem” only to perpetuate the cycle… you know, the linchpin in the social theory at the core of the book the movie was based on), or if we ignore the rich socio-cultural/gender/anthro patterns and structure and just go for sheer drama “Mean Girls” day could be the day of the epic hallway meltdown? I must confess I have only seen the movie a couple of times but this post seems to miss the entire point Tina Fey labored so intensely to layer throughout the film. Aaron’s character is a MacGuffin at best; nice, talking scenery only taking on human attributes when it advances the female story line. At the time of its release this film was (and still) is a monumental moment for cinema and pop culture, carrying deep social implications and was still side-splittingly funny and dangerously quotable. This post reduces Cady to a one-dimensional character who wouldn’t pass the Bechdel Test let alone appear in a Tina Fey script. But thanks for posting the clip – a real flashback!