Matthew Morrison Debuts “Summer Rain” on Ryan Seacrest

In January of 2010, Matthew Morrison signed his first solo record deal with Mercury Records. Its said that his first album will come out in May of this year with a very special duet with Elton John making an appearance.

This morning on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Matthew debuted the first single off of his solo project titled Summer Rain. After listening to the track, I have to say its exactly what I expected it to sound like with a pleasant surprise of it being better than I truly expected. It has a little bit more of an adult-contemporary vibe versus the pop pleasures we’re used to hearing him sing on Glee.

In the interview after the song debuted, Matthew explained that he wanted to really shine as an artist with this project and he knew the only way to do that was to write his own music. He told Ryan is doing a world tour to promote the album project in May through July with twelve stops in Europe. Wow. That’s quite the tour schedule.

So what did you think? It has a few elements of his Somewhere Over the Rainbow cover from Glee but I think it has potential to be great spring into summer radio hit. The hook of the chorus with the “oh oh, oh oh, in the summer rain…” is a little catchy don’t you think? Will you buy Matthew Morrison’s album when it comes out in May?

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i loved it ,

  • EZ

    I figured he was going more adult contemporary. But I don’t hate it!

  • Tyson

    I agree. This is exactly what I expected, except I didn’t expect to like it. Definitely hate his preachy role of a character on Glee. But I can’t say I hate Morrison (literally since I have never met him and probably never will). The song makes me wanna sit on the rooftop and crank this baby on high!