Man Crush: Beau Mirchoff


His name literally means handsome in French. This week I decided to focus my ogling on one of “Desperate Housewives” yummiest male character. Beau Mirchoff plays Danny Bolen, the son of Wisteria Lane’s newest mysterious couple. I always thought he was average cute until his shirtless scene which showcased his slightly hairy chest-grrrrrr.

The 21-year-old American/Canadian actor has also starred in films like Scary Movie 4 and The Grudge 3. Apparently he likes filming sequels. If he ever became a superhero, he could be called “Sequel Boy”. Mirchoff was born in Seattle, Washington but moved to Victoria, BC just two days later. Given his surroundings, Beau became a fan of the outdoors and picked up hobbies like hiking, camping and sea kayaking.

Looking yummy trying to put his shirt back on. Boo, keep it off and take more off.


Another juicy shirtless pic from the same episode on Desperate Housewives


Checking under the hood. He can check out my pipes anytime.


So is Beau crushworthy? or is he generic cute? Weigh in below.

  • Paolo

    yeah, crush-worthy. :p

  • Shannon

    Oh, this shouldn’t even be a question. Definitely crush-worthy. And I have to add, he had obviously shaved his chest not long before filming that scene on Housewives, because I’ve seen other pictures and he has a very hairy chest for his age.

  • zurvivor

    he is so hot…..he is my beau in my dream.