The Lynch Brothers Shower Together


Prior to Riker Lynch competing on Season 20 of Dancing With The Stars, I had never heard of the 24-year-old singer or his group R5. Truth be told, I’m sure most viewers of the ABC reality show were probably in the same boat as I. Had you? Anyway, Riker is now on my radar and thankfully for that.

Lynch recently uploaded a saucy photo on his Instagram account. He’s butt naked, covering his naughty bits, while in the shower. And he’s not alone. He’s with his band mates who also happen to be his brothers. I suppose, a family that showers together, stays together 😉 Check out the photo below.

When there's only 1 shower and it's running low on hot water…

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  • Haj

    that’s not the Bronx though …its actually 137th street and amsterdam avenue in Manhattan across the street from CUNY – City College

  • HarryR11

    Ross Lynch has starred as one half of the Disney channel show “Austin & Ally” since 2011. Many would consider him the most well known of the brothers. For those unaware, Ross is the brother on the right. My guess is 10’s of thousands of teenage girls (& not a few teenage gay boys) just fainted dead away when they saw this photo.

  • ryan mathews

    The irony of posting a photo like this being those “fainting girls” can’t DO anything with a nice male butt. If they showed full frontal instead, that doesn’t really appeal to girls either (the female brain isn’t wired that way — look at the angry feminist reaction to Bieber’s dick). So exactly what fanbase were these “str8 boys” trying to appeal to with this very calculated photo release? Hmmmm…

  • I only find one of them hot and he’s just kinda hot.

  • He’s the only one I find hot.

  • downtownboi

    ummmmmm…..Compared to YOU,the 3 of them are meh

    : )