Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Two Of Us’ Music Video Is A Major Tearjerker

Louis Tomlinson has experienced a lot of heartache the past few years. His mother passed away in 2016 after battling leukemia for more than a year. Just last month, his half-sister Félicité died of cardiac arrest at the age of 18. My heart breaks for him. Knowing all this, just makes this clip even more emotional.

Two Of Us” is a raw and tender tribute to his beloved mama. The accompanying clip is a celebration of life that features an 83-year-old widower from Yorkshire named Richard who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s, roughly the same time Louis lost his mother.

Louis and Richard spend a couple of heartwarming days getting to know each other and fulfilling Richard’s bucket list. From flying a helicopter to riding a rollercoaster and more, the two are genuinely having the time of their lives.

Check out the touching video below. Watching them will no doubt make you smile and maybe even make you shed a tear or two.

Louis Tomlinson ‘Two Of Us’ Music Video