Three Official Pics of Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor Released

You’ve probably seen the photoshopped pics of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor or paparazzi pics snapped of the actress while filming on set. At last, we finally have the first official pics from the Taylor biopic, Liz and Dick. Lifetime released a trio of pics showing Lohan’s transformation into the late actress. Let the judging begin.

In one of the promo stills, Lindsay is pictured with her co-star Grant Bowler playing the role of Richard Burton. It captures Linds in a yellow dress with flowers in her hair, depicting Liz’s first wedding to Burton in 1964. They later divorced in 1974, but remarried in 1975, only to divorce again a year later in 1976. In another photo, LiLo is dressed as Cleopatra, one of Taylor’s iconic roles. Lohan dons heavy dark makeup while wearing a cropped wig and gold dress.

When the 26-year-old was cast as the movie legend, floods of comments hit the internet voicing their disgust that the Mean Girls actress was miscast. Now that we have official images, I’m sure naysayers will say she looks horrible, while fans will proclaim Lohan has captured Taylor’s essence. Check out the other pics below and judge for yourself.

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Barring a heinous performance by Lindsay, I think Liz and Dick won’t be a super trainwreck. It’s written by Christopher Monger, who wrote Temple Grandin and that won numerous awards. Lifetime hasn’t confirmed an air date as of yet, but will probably be sometime in Fall.

Do you think Lindsay looks like Elizabeth in the pictures? Does she have the acting chops to pull off portraying one of Hollywood’s most-beloved actresses? Sound off below.

  • Upper pic is very very Joan Collinsish… 🙂 I like her look for the most of it though…

  • Ode

    She’s not a horrible actress, she’s OK, but I don’t think she can play older. Already the makeup and styling of older Elizabeth looks like a costume, and i agree with Menno, it’s very Collinsish.