Which Famous Female TV Personality Is Linda Perry Believed To Be Dating?

You may remember Linda Perry was the lead singer of 4 Non Blondes (What’s Up?), but she’s also a talented Grammy-nominated song writer, having written “Get The Party Started” for Pink and “Beautiful” for Christina Aguilera. Well, the lesbian singer song writer, who is very active in supporting the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, has recently started dating another famous celebrity. Neither parties have confirmed or denied the relationship yet, but they’ve recently been photographed holding hands in West Hollywood.

Perry’s new flame is best known for her role in a TV sitcom when she was a kid, but has more recently mad a comeback with a popular new daytime talk show. So, who’s the lucky lady?

The woman is none other than the talented Sara Gilbert, from Roseanne and The Talk. E! Online posted pictures of the pair recently holding hands in West Hollywood. Sara Gilbert’s partner used to be TV producer Allison Adler for 10 years before the two broke up this past August. They now have shared custody of their kids.

If they are in fact dating, we wish them the best of luck together. They make such a cute couple!