Lady Gaga Literally Gives Birth To “Born This Way” Music Video

“This is the manifesto of mother monster,” says Lady Gaga at the beginning of her music video for “Born This Way“. In true Gaga fashion, she tells a story before her song actually begins. She tells the story of the birth of a new race within the race of humanity. A race without prejudice. Simultaneously another birth took place. The birth of evil. The music playing the background while she tells the story is epic. “How can I protect something so perfect without evil,” the mother monster asked herself. “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital Him…” And the song begins.

Gaga shows off the hot bod she was born with (minus the fake point parts protruding through her skin) in a skimpy bikini throughout a good majority of the video. I really enjoy the simplicity of that, interwoven with the story she was telling about the birth of the new race and the out of this world visuals used in those clips. I also loved with Willow Smith-inspired ponytail she whipped around during one clip with the guy we first saw in the Mugler fashion show where the remixed version of her song first debuted.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think and if you like it better that Britney’s Hold It Against Me music video. I have to ask, since they’re essentially going head to head this spring.

  • kyle

    what’s with the madge teeth at the end?

  • Me2me3

    Britney’s is better. This one kinda doesn’t match the song. It’s too dark. Not that the video itself is bad, but it just doesn’t match the song I think

  • Jack

    No offense to Gaga, but I really didn’t like this video. A lot of people didn’t like the song at first, but her performance at the Grammy’s was, in my opinion, pretty great. I feel that her video with this song could have presented a stronger message. I mean come on, the song is about being true to yourself no matter what anyone else says. But did she show that? No. The video is all about her. Not my favorite Gaga, sorry.

  • Dan

    There is no comparison to Britney!

  • Georgie

    Come on guys, this is art! I love Brit brit, I always have and always will, but Gaga is a true artist. She’s a master at expressing herself artistically and that should be appreciated. Also, as before, I love britney but let’s face it ole’ mama spears isn’t hittin’ those moves like she used to. Gaga has more creativity and expression in this video both metaphorically and literally than in Brit brit’s entire career.

  • frutty

    I don’t know why people prefer Britney’s video. There was nothing artistic in it! The battle between Britney’s good and evil part was just a reminescence of Madonna’s “Die Another Day”…the dress that leaves colours, well, Christina used it in “Fighter”…there was nothing original! And then again I hear people saying: “Lady GaGa is a Madonna’s copycat!”…she’s not the only one, I think.
    Now, back to “Born This Way” video…the beginning was sensational: sci-fi to explain good and evil. The race good gave birth to was the homosexual one or people who just accept homosexuality, open-minded people, who fight with us for our rights (“a race which bears no prejudice, no judgement, but boundless freedom”); evil is represented, well, by all the religious exasperation (do you hear the bells when she shots? well, that is a reference!), by all of those people that find homosexuality unnatural, a sin, something that needs to be eliminated. Evil’s sentence “How can I protect something so perfect without evil?” refers to its new-born: “My creature can gravitate to good, but then it will loose its perfection. I can only defend its perfection through evil itself”. Thus, in the world we have two races: good’s new-borns and evil’s new-borns. Evil’s new-borns want to eliminate good’s new-borns through acts of violance, as mother-evil shows by firing with that weapon!
    As you can see, there are soooooooooooo many reference to the lgbt world: just wander with your mind!

  • EZ

    Brit’s vid was total shit. It was what i would’ve expected in the 90’s. Music videos are creative and tell stories now a days. Having said that, Gaga doesn’t hit the nail on the head with this one but I am still digging it.

  • frutty

    P.S.: I’m not a GaGa fan, btw! I only appreciate this video, that’s all folks!

  • Well ok, I guess it’s about time a start flapping my big mouth.

    My friend Peter pretty much nailed it on the head…I think everyone is so blinded by her, that no one truly understands her anymore. If this video was released by ANYONE else, it would be ripped to shreds, but because it’s her it’s ok.

    This video is I mean…whatever. She gives birth to bowling balls like in Mystery Men. Then she dances around (She looks HOT while dancing around), then she has a ponytail and skeleton face, and then that’s kind of it.

    It’s nothing, but it’s everything to people. I don’t think anyone knows why, and I don’t think there is a point to try and figure it out. This is her world baby, and we’re all just along for the ride.

    You can’t compare this and Britney. like not at all. There’s no point. I will say that she didn’t have any product placement this time ’round.


  • No, the video is great and totally entertaining. That’s all it’s supposed to be. It’s not going to change my life in any way, shape or form…but you can’t deny it’s well done.

    @Tommy I think you just love to hate on her now. You were OBSESSED with her and now you’re bored of her. It happens. But a year ago, you would have been in tears of praise over this EXACT video 😉

  • ger

    I think Tommy D has it backwards. I think if anyone else (Brit or even Madonna) had released this it would have been hailed as groundbreaking, but because it’s Gaga it’s easy to say “meh”.

  • I absolutely do NOT think I would’ve been freaking out over this video. |I STILL do love the bitch because she’s is so stupid talented, I just feel like she’s just…i don’t know. it’s getting to be too abstract.

    And no if britney or madonna released this, it would NOT be considered groundbreaking. Not at all.

    you guys have it totally wrong, I”m not hating on her, I’m just not loving what she’s putting out right now.

  • LOVE IT, I think its her best video to date. I love how she’s always sooo original, and I don’t think its abstract at all, random but not abstract.

    No offence Britney lovers, but she bumped herself down to like “Pink” status. Songs are good, but she can’t even back up her lip-sinking with killer moves anymore.

  • WHOA! Why you gotta go knocking pink, she’s one of th emost incredible artists out there. Check yourself shawny p…don’t front.

  • Georgie

    Sorry, I have to step in again. XD I agree with Shawn regarding the Pink thing Tommy boy… sorry. I love Pink as well and I think she has one the most distinct powerful voices, however, I don’t think she’s ever been the same after her FIRST album Take Me Home. I have always wished she would return to that R & B style. I LOVED that album (and still do).

  • R

    I think it’s bold to leave all those costumes behind and be a stripped down (prosthetics on her face, okay) version of herself. At a certain point, it’s hard to keep topping all the elaborate outfits!

  • Landon

    The video is truly amazing…britney wishes she ever has or ever will done a video this good…..all she does is stand there and sing – whoop di doo

  • Landon

    And to an above statement…I completely understand what she was trying to do…..if you actually listen to the song and the dialogue in the beginning – its very clear

  • Joey

    The music playing at the beginning (during the monologue) is from the 1958 Hitchcock film “Vertigo”.

  • Josh

    Her body isn’t that hot, she need to eat more.