Kim Petras Gets Vulnerable On New Track ‘All I Do Is Cry’

Since late April, Kim Petras has shared a new track every week. Like clockwork, the 26-year-old German singer has released another offering. It’s her most vulnerable yet.

All I Do Is Cry” finds Petras mourning the loss of a recent relationship. It’s not your typical ballad with it’s production, but rather features trap-infused beats courtesy of Aaron Jospeh and Dr. Luke.

“All I do is cry about you / I don’t wanna die without you / Thought that you were the exception / Took a fatal blow to my heart,” she sings on the chorus.

Check it out below. I also embedded “Sweet Spot” which she uploaded last week but I neglected to post about. It’s more in line with Kim’s uptempo bops.

Kim Petras ‘All I Do Is Cry’

Kim Petras ‘Sweet Spot’ Lyric Video