Former Disney Star Kenton Duty Pleasures Himself In Leaked Video

If you’re a millennial, you’ve probably heard of Kenton Duty? Prior to this, I had no clue who this kid was. Thanks to the folks over at OMG Blog, I now do and pretty much every inch of him too 😉

The 22-year-old actor starred as Gunther Hessenheffer on the Disney sitcom, Shake It Up!, with Bella Thorne and Zendaya. His other television credits include Lost, Last Man Standing and Fresh Off The Boat. No longer a child star, Kenton is showing the world he’s all grown up… and out.

A video of Kenton pleasuring himself has leaked online. To check out the revealing clip, head over to OMG Blog.

He has his eyes closed the entire time. I’m a little curious to know what he was imagining as he wanked off. For more PG-rated fare, check out a few images from his Instagram feed below.

Well that was an ABsolute workout…??

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Naps are good. #Vegas

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40lb vested dog walk aftermath. Who's ready to get the day started?! #fitness #dog #Katana #goodmorning

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Back at it with those workouts again.

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  • Micah ? ? Jung

    well we can mark Kenton Duty off the list of naked celebs we saw there dick and balls hee hee