Justin Timberlake Performs ‘Mirrors’ On German Game Show, ‘Wetten dass.. ?’

I am dying for Justin Timberlake to finally release his new album in the next month. After warming up to Suit & Tie, I was ready for a track like Mirrors to really remind me why JT is so good at what he does. *swoon* This past week, Timberlake has pimped out his latest international single not only once, but twice. He first hit the stage at the 2013 Brit Awards to sing out the power ballad and last night in Germany, performed the same track on the famous game show, Wetten dass..?.

Dressed in suit and tie (or untied bowtie), Justin wins over the crowd with his smooth vocal, sans dancers. The crooner even heads into the crowd mid-performance to sing to a few lucky audience members. Highlight? Two girls running up to him to take a picture on their iPhone. Justin is completely caught off guard but like a true professional, keeps singing and smiles for the pic before heading back to the stage.

Following his performance, JT channeled a little Elvis Presley attempting to perform his song, Suspicious Minds. While attempting to perform with hair curl and all, Timberlake can barely keep it together long enough to perform the whole song. Even with silliness injected, he still kills the impersonation. Check it all out below.

Justin Timberlake, ‘Mirrors’ Live on ‘Wetten dass.. ?’

Justin Timberlake’s Elvis Impression on ‘Wetten dass.. ?’

  • Oliver

    Singing live on a TV show? – the way it should be, maybe other artists such as Madonna, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Janet Jackson etc. wanna take a look how it’s REALLY done!

  • Sean

    I find justin timberlake very cute, but his personality and music so so so so boring.