American Idol Season 11 Alums Test Out New Material

While Phillip Phillips scored out of the gate with his debut single, “Home“, thanks to great songwriting and exposure during the London 2012 Olympics, Jessica Sanchez wasn’t so lucky with her first track. The American Idol Season 11 runner-up didn’t exactly burn up the charts with “Change Nothing“. To be fair, it’s not her fault she was saddled with a far inferior track. Sabotage much? With Sanchez scoring a deal with Interscope Records, a guest spot on Glee and a boyfriend (she’s dating DeAndre Brackensick from Season 11), all that she’s missing is a hit song. Hopefully, she’ll have a happily-ever-after ending with her new track, “Fairytale” which she debuted this week.

During an iHeartRadio American Idol concert in New York City this week, the 17-year-old diva-in-training performed a track from her upcoming album. Whether “Fairytale” becomes the official lead single from her debut effort remains to be seen. I guess it all depends on public reaction. It’s a far better track than “Change Nothing”, but more “poppy” than I had expected. Jessica expressed wanting to do “more of the urban, Rihanna kind of feel and the R&B kind of stuff,” in a previous interview. Perhaps, the final produced version of “Fairytale” will sound differently than her live performance.

Also performing at the iHeartRadio concert were Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips. Dixon performed his original song, “Never Gone”, which he’s been playing during the Season 11 Idol summer tour. Third-place finisher Ledet, like Sanchez, unveiled a brand new track. “Broken Man” is everything you would expect from him. It’s got that retro rhythm and blues vibe. If you’re a Joshua fan, you’ll love the track. Check out “Broken Man“, “Fairytale” and “Never Gone” below.

Jessica Sanchez “Fairytale”

Joshua Ledet “Broken Man”

Colton Dixon “Never Gone”

Do you think Jessica, Joshua or Colton will match Phillip’s early success? Whom among the three has the best chance? Sound off below.