Jackpot Explores Gay Pornography Before The Internet


For those too young to remember life without Internet, you probably can’t relate to the boy depicted in this short film. Instead of getting spank material with a click of a button (it’s so easy these days), one had to search high and low for a store carrying gay porn mags. If you were underage, you had to be even more resourceful.

Filmmaker Adam Baran’s Jackpot takes place in 1994. Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of porn mags across town. The 14-year-old sets off on a quest to retrieve them. Naturally, he encounters homophobic bullies along the way. Jack receives backup of sorts in the form of imaginary models who speak to him. Dressed in cliché outfits of course. Think Village People 😉

Jackpot has been viewed at several LGBT Film Festivals around the world, winning Best Short at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Check it out below.

JACKPOT: A Film By Adam Baran

  • That was pretty dang good! For one, it’s nice to watch actual decent acting in a gay short like this. And I love the plot line! Kudos!

  • RFD


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