Hell’s Kitchen Fight!


I couldn’t wait for Saturday to post this video!

Joseph is a Sous Chef from Massapequa Park, NY with 8 years of experience. I can’t decide if this guy is the best reality T.V. contestant ever, or just a idiot tough guy. Watch as 27 year old Joseph gets in a verbal battle with foul-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsey.

I love all of it. The constant self-declaration that Joseph “ain’t no bitch” (double-negative :P), the repeated “Shut yo’ fuckin’ mouth” to the other contestants who are trying to save Joseph from making a scene, and when he actually, ON CAMERA, challenges Ramsey to take the argument outside. Hilarious.

I don’t watch Top Chef, but I’ll definitely be waiting for the conclusion to appear on YouTube.

Update! Catch the second part to the Hell’s Kitchen stand off here

  • Dee

    Ramsay, i never do this but Joseph is an ***hole for even trying to get in Gordon’s face, if you have a passion for what you do, you respect and learn from the best, he is just a show grabber and does not deserve Gordon’s time or efforts

    Like Ramsay would even back down?…only and idiot would not respect or want to learn from the master

  • Steve

    Gordon isn’t a master, anyone who continously degrades people they say are going to head up a top notch restaurant like GR does is an absolute idiot.

    It’s the mentality of people watching reality shows that has allowed him to become as popular as he is, which is sad. Just about every other chef in the business who makes coin is a better example of how to be a chef than Ramsey.

    There’s no need at all to be such a prick all the time and especially some of the names he calls the women.

  • Joseph

    I am upset that Joseph is such a moron, how stupid can you be when you can’t even answer the damn question? I mean really. Tell me the name and why! Uhh I choose tony and he knows why. WTF? I wanted to slap the guy, stupid stupid stupid! Hey Joseph, get a clue buddy! I cracked up so hard when he kept diverting away from the answer and replying with nonsense and then out of nowhere……I ain’t no bitch? wtf lol what a retard.

  • Daniel

    I don’t get it. Do you really think that Ramsay is that tough? Ramsay stood up to him because he figured that Joseph wasn’t going to do anything. Ramsay’s net (just in case he was wrong) was that there were a couple of large crew members (perhaps security) in the room. If some COP was talking to a civilian the way Ramsay was talking to these people, then the COP would be wrong and some of you people would be making comments about how Joseph was right. It’s all about money. Because he represents what they could make in the future, he can treat them any way he wants. He doesn’t have to show them respect because they haven’t earned it? Joseph hasn’t earned respect? Having been in the Marine Corps? He is trained to handle stress… but not when it comes from the very people whose freedoms he was protecting. This is the problem in the world today, the well off can treat anyone anyway they want, and the rest of us have to abide by their rules and the laws of the land. Let Ramsay treat people on camera, the way he wants to… but off camera I bet, bet, he picks and chooses who he talks to like that.

  • Wayne

    Before I get into it…for the record Joe is a class a moron!

    I think his declaration” I aint no bitch” was because he felt like saying the reason why someone was nominated was like snitching or ratting on them…he felt that it would be more manly for them to own up to their faults…perhaps in the real world it is a fair point but thats not the format of the show…

    Daniel is right, clearly Gordon doesnt talk to everyone like that…imagine the production meeting with the network…” oi d**khead, you gonna sign me for another season or what?” I doubt thats how it goes… or to his wife “Hey dumbo, make me some scrambled eggs…no not like that you idiot!” again unlikely…on the TV shows he is playing a character…watch one of his documentaries like Boiling Point or Beyond the Pass and you’ll see he shows respect to those that earn it.

    The way Gordon was raised and learned was like the army…when he was at Glasgow Rangers (Soccer club) the coach was like an army officer and likewise the kitchens he learned in were intense places.
    Just like in the army, he believes in breaking people down and then building them up stronger.

    A number of his junior chefs once they graduate from his kitchens go on to run their own kitchens and credit Gordon for making that possible.