Hell’s Kitchen Fight! Part 2!


And now, the exciting conclusion to last weeks fight between 27 year old Sous Chef Joseph from Massapequa Park, NY and celebrity loud mouth Gordon Ramsey.

I agree with Ramsey, no respect. Best part is when he trips over the stair and Ramsey says “Watch your step”, then cut to the other contestants laughing, followed by Joseph repeating “Watch your step, bitch!”.

Dude’s got issues. Hopefully he will look back at this one day and melt from embarrassment. How do you face your friends, your MOTHER, after pulling something like that on national television. He won’t ever be able to put on his resumé that he was on Hell’s Kitchen.

So long Joseph, don’t let the door of opportunity hit your ass on the way out.

  • bruin

    he is soo dumb. for ANY job really…it’s sad to know theres ppl like that in the world