Concert Review: Heart Made “These Dream” Come True

Every Saturday night should start out by watching these rockers do their thing, because they are truly EPIC. Legendary rock band Heart stopped by Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre to wrap up their “Heart Comes Home Tour“. It’s only fitting the group picked Vancouver as their last stop, since it’s here where it all began nearly 40 years ago.

Alex and I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Ann and Nancy Wilson in Los Angeles last year. Naturally, we gushed on and on how much we loved “Alone” and their other power ballads. They were humbled and surprised that everyone seems to love that song. Umm, ladies… it’s because its a wicked awesome song. When Carrie Underwood performed “Alone” on American Idol’s fourth season, it exposed Heart to a brand new generation. Over the years, more of their songs would appear on the show and even in a Swiffer commercial making their songs even more timeless.

I’ve never had the privilege of seeing Heart live before, so naturally I was stoked. When I arrived at the theatre, I nearly fainted when I saw how awesome my seats were. I could literally high five Ann if she came to the edge of the stage. From the second they took to the stage, the Wilson sisters were ready to party. Whether it was an 80s power ballad, or their classic rock tracks or their newer acoustic material, they gave it all they had. I know it’s not polite to mention a lady’s age, but Ann is 60 and Nancy is 56. You wouldn’t know it by they way they performed with unbridled exuberance and enthusiasm. Nancy strummed, putting most rockers half her age to shame, while Ann displayed the powerful unique voice that made them household names. To state they were pitch perfect vocally would be an understatement. I didn’t hear a bum note throughout the entire night.

As the concert went on, I realized I knew more Heart songs than I thought. Heading to the venue, I was looking forward to their 80s stuff that I grew up with, like the aforementioned “Alone“, “These Dreams” and “What About Love“. Not only did those songs live up to my expectations, but they blew it out the park with “Barracuda” and “Crazy On You“. In between their classic hits, they treated the crowd with a few songs from their most recent album, “Red Velvet Car” which was released last year.

For me, as important as watching the songs I love performed live, I look forward to how the artist interacts with the crowd. From the onset, they gave a shout out to our fair city, and how it all started here and continued to give references throughout the night to the Vancouver they knew from yesteryear. It was like a little history lesson thrown in as an added bonus. They even had local Ben Mink perform on stage with them for a couple of tracks. Mink worked with them on a few songs from their latest album and even produced the entire CD.

If you ever have an opportunity to see these ladies live, I highly recommend you do so. You will be glad you did. They are starting their US tour in April, check out their official website to see if they’re hitting a city near you.

Heart’s Best Songs

As an added treat, I thought I would embed my favorite Heart songs below. They’re probably your favorites too. If I’ve forgot any, please let me know, I’d love to check them out.

Crazy On You

Album: Dreamboat Annie
Year Released: 1976
Peak Chart Position: 35


Album: Little Queen
Year Released: 1977
Peak Chart Position: 11

These Dreams

Album: Heart
Year Released: 1985
Peak Chart Position: 1

What About Love

Album: Heart
Year Released: 1985
Peak Chart Position: 10


Album: Heart
Year Released: 1985
Peak Chart Position: 4

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You

Album: Brigade
Year Released: 1990
Peak Chart Position: 2


Album: Bad Animals
Year Released: 1987
Peak Chart Position: 1

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  • Anthony

    I saw them in Toronto a couple years ago at the Molson Amphitheatre and they were truly phenomenal. Ann Wilson has one of the most underrated voices in music. Alone and Crazy on You were standouts, of course; but when Nancy sang These Dreams, I fell in love. They are such an amazing duo.

  • i just…biggest regret of 2011 so far not going to this show.

  • whut

    lol how in the hell do you leave out MAGIC MAN and include All I Wanna Do….? You big homos! 😛

    (easy, I’m a fagette)