First Annual Peak Pride Preview

Who doesn’t want more men, booze, parties, and snow?

BC’s newest and most anticipated spring event is Peak Pride 2017. Chasing the final moments of winter (in spring), the creators of Peak Pride have put together a line up of party fun in a brand new setting that I personally can’t wait to get black out at and relive through scandalous pics taken by my skeeze best friend who will want to remind me of everything I got up to the night before. Sounds perfect, right??

April 7th to April 9th, at the famous Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, BC, join me and some of the boys from Homorazzi on the hills and on the dance floor. It’s gonna be the inaugural start to a kick ass, new tradition.

One of my favourite things about this event- and this is going to sound super geeky- is how well set up their website and booking system is. STAY WITH ME… honestly though, as the guy organizes the pride trips for my group of friends any time we leave town I assure you that a clear, accessible website means a lot. Especially for a brand spankin’ new event that we’re all fresh babes to. So really, you have no fucking excuse not to book. Click through here for a one-stop shop for event tickets, ski lift, and accommodation.


April 7th at 7PM: The doors open for the reception party in the Village Centre Mall. Think lumberjack sexy meets modern dance floor fun. My very dear friend and fave Vancouver name, DJ Landon James is spinning and he never disappoints (keep your mind out of the gutter.. he’s got a boyfriend).


Shift from drinks and chats to a full on dance party starting at 10PM. Mountain top realness at Sessions, the view will be unbeatable and the guys will be loaded: perfect combination. Bringing in the gamete of LGBT, this party has something for everyone. DJ Skylar Love will be joined by performances by drag queen Thanks Jem and self-identified “drag thing” Rose Butch.


April 8th at 11AM: A downhill ski parade- never heard of that but can’t wait to see it in action- that takes you right to the beer garden where you absolutely will find me toasty (and I don’t mean warm by the fire). Apres for me are the best part of these events as you get to scope out the talent when the light of day and final fleeting moments of sobriety are still with you. DJ D3viant and Calgary’s Entertainer of the Year Visa DeKline will be entertaining us until the night hits.


What you’ve all been waiting for: the biggest party of the weekend, Wipeout. Door open at 8PM at Happy Valley, one of the most acclaimed venues of Big White that will be our home Saturday night into the wee hours. I just spent last weekend dancing for about 4 hours straight to DJ Del Stamp so while my sore feet may not be too happy, I cannot wait to spend the night listening to him spin. On top of that, my biggest drag crush in the world (though she probably doesn’t know I exist) Vancouver Next Drag Superstar and Entertainer of the Year 2015, Jane Smoker will be performing. Oh, did you think that was all? Nope. Peak Pride has secured none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars infamous queen: Alyssa Edwards. There’s nothing I can say to communicate how big a deal she is so click here to see watch my all-time favourite compilation of her to know what you’re in store for. Be there.


April 10th at 11AM: Caesars and mimosas. If you’re coming in from out of town, order the caesar and be prepared to never ask for a bloody mary again. At the Kettle Valley Steakhouse you’ll be entertained by Peak Pride mascots Sparkle and Sasha and liquid lunch yourself until you’re full.


Taking over the Blarney Stone, this event from 11AM to 4PM gives you a final taste of iconic ski lodge before you head home. Back for one more show is my friend- and ride home I might add- DJ Landon James who will make sure that if you didn’t make out with that hottie in the flannel the night earlier, you get a final chance at it.

Peak Pride is going to be one that lasts and trust me, you want to be able to say you were there at its inception. Tickets still available so click here to find out how to join what’s going to be an amazing time.

See you on the mountain!