Beauty & The Beast: Emma Watson Sings In Brief Snippet

The trailers that have been released for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast have shown off the breathtaking visuals. With regards to singing, Disney has been quite stingy and hasn’t shared a single snippet. At long last, we have a first listen. Albeit a lo-fi quality brief one, but a sneak peek nonetheless.

The audio comes from a fan who stumbled upon an Emma Watson Belle doll at a Toys ‘R Us. Watson is heard singing the track “Something There” which plays later in the film.

Just in case you have doubts that it’s actually Emma singing, cast them aside. One of the film’s producer, Jack Morrissey, reposted the video, adding legitimacy to the clip. Give it a listen below. It’s glorious and I can’t wait to hear Watson and the cast belt out all the classic tunes in full.