Elen Levon Gets “Naughty” In Debut Music Video

Everybody wants to get a little naughty these days! While checking out Jessie & The Toy Boys opening act for Britney Spears, we got to hear her hot (yet not yet released) “Naughty” track, and now it looks like an up & coming young Aussie pop star beat her to the punch with her musical interpretation of the word! I’m only kidding, as they’re both different and “naughty” in their own ways. Bring on your naughtiness, ladies!

Elen Levon of Australia has just released her music video for her up beat track called “Naughty” and I’m digging it. “She’s actually what I’ve been waiting for to come out of this country,” says her artist/producer MC Israel Cruz. “Australia’s always had pop artists, but not one that’ll cross over in US – she fills that void. A lot of female artists don’t really dance, but Elen is amazing at both.” It’s a cool video with some hot backup dancers (including one from Australia’s SYTYCD). Check it out below!