Dancing With The Stars 17: The First Elimination & Week 2 Performances

I don’t normally recap Dancing With The Stars, but since I’m enjoying this season so much, I thought I’d give it a try. There’s so many people I’m rooting for. Also, the fact the show airs only once a week now instead of two episodes, makes it much more manageable. I love that the performances and eliminations take place all in one jam-packed night. Much less unnecessary filler. However, the producers still manage to draw out the eliminations with their dramatic lighting and music.

The only thing I don’t like about the new format is the glitter pit replacing the celeb aquarium where the stars watched all the action from above. Also, was it necessary to move the judges to the other side of the dance floor? I digress. Check out week two’s performances below and find out who earned the unwanted distinction of being the first boot.

DWTS Season 17 Week 2 Performances

Elizabeth & Val

Score: 25 (8,9,8)
Dance: Samba
Music:”Straight to Memphis”—Club des Belugas

I never thought I’d say this, but Nomi Malone needs to loosen up a bit more. At least during her rehearsal footage and while listening to the judges critiques. Loved her contemporary last week and she did even better with the samba tonight. Her chemistry with Val is very natural and appealing. I’m definitely rooting for these two. Speaking of Val, I could barely tear my eyes away from his shiny sweaty chest. That man is sex in a plunging neckline.

Christina & Mark

Score: 25 (9,8,8)
Dance: Paso Doble
Music: “Applause”—Lady Gaga

Coming into tonight’s show, I was a little worried for the “Dip It Low” singer. She did fine last week but a bit forgettable. At this stage of the game, it pays to be really good, really bad or have a memorable performance. Tonight she definitely killed it. Mark did a great job with the choreography and concept. However, I still feel Christina will be a ‘surprise’ boot in the coming weeks.

Bill E. & Emma

Score: 21 (7,7,7)
Dance: Jive
Music: “Crocodile Rock”—Elton John

I had no idea who Bell Engvall was prior to his casting, but God dammit, I’m a fan now. He’s so darn likeable plus I love how dedicated he is to the entire process. It must be hard to maintain focus and drive when most of the competition is half your age and practically professional dancers. Last week, I thought he was underscored. Tonight’s adorably cheesy routine had me grinning the entire time. Love it when that happens.

Jack & Cheryl

Score: 24 (8,8,8)
Dance: Rumba
Music: “Mad World”—Tears for Fears

I’m sure he’s a nice person, but is it wrong that I’m not in Jack’s corner. I just have a feeling he’ll outlast other more talented dancers due to his family’s popularity and MS backstory. I will give him credit for executing a much better rumba than I thought he would. Cheryl, like Derek Hough, has a knack for creating routines to hide their celebrities’ shortcomings.

Keyshawn & Sharna

Score: 18 (6,6,6)
Dance: Samba
Music: “Get Up Offa That Thing”—James Brown

Last week, Keyshawn didn’t make too much of an impression on me. In fact, he came off a little rude towards his pro partner. This week, however, he was much more charming. Given that most of his NFL predecessors have historically been showstoppers, I expected more from him. This week was a step up, but nothing I remembered by the end of the show.

Nicole & Sasha

Score: 20 (6,7,7)
Dance: Rumba
Music: “Just Give Me a Reason”—P!nk feat. Nate Ruess

How adorable are these two? I just want to put them in my pocket and bring them along to every party. After Mike The Situation’s abysmal routines during his season, I wasn’t expecting much from Snicole, the reality star formerly known as Snooki. Girlfriend had rhythm and then some. Her performance last week was one of my favorites. This week’s rumba was also impressive given that she’s a non-dancer. Love her banter, but she needs to pick a better facial expression while getting negative comments. Viewers don’t like bitchy resting faces.

Leah & Tony

Score: 24 (8,8,8)
Dance: Samba
Music: “María”—Ricky Martin

I’m really rooting for Leah and apparently so is Jennifer Lopez. The “Live It Up” singer showed her support big time during her performance last week. With that being said, I wasn’t feeling this samba. It was definitely over-marked. The former Scientoligist needs to loosen up her hips more.

Side note: When are producers going to comment about Leah’s connection with both Jack Osborne and Elizabeth Berkley. She left on bad terms from The Talk where she co-hosted with Jack’s mom Sharon, who seems to attend every show. With regards to Berkley, Leah hung out at the beach with Jessie Spano, Zach Morris and crew back in the day.

Bill N. & Tyne

Score: 17 (6,5,6)
Dance: Paso Doble
Music: “Symphony No. 5″—Ludwig van Beethoven

By far, Bill Nye’s performance was the most talked about and viewed performance last week. It was everything a DWTS routine should be- overly campy and insane. Once again, another mad scientist-themed dance was concocted. Even though he scored much higher this week, I thought last week’s epic “Weird Science” number was better.

Corbin & Karina

Score: 26 (9,8,9)
Dance: Jive
Music: “Kiss You”—One Direction

There’s no denying Corbin is a wicked good dancer, but there’s something very off-putting about his addition the show. Yes, prior celebrities with extensive dance backgrounds have joined the show before, but none as young and with such a resume as the High School Musical actor. He’s been on friggin’ Broadway.

Also not making matters better is the fact he comes off a bit cocky during his packages. Dude needs to tone it down. I will say though, I enjoy watching that hot tight body of his 😉 Side note: When are Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale or Zac Efron going to drop by and support their former co-star?

Valerie & Tristan

Score: 19 (6,6,7)
Dance: Paso Doble
Music: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”—Santa Esmeralda

Was it a great paso doble? No, but Valerie did much better than I think anyone thought she would. Given her age and health, she did remarkably well. On a side note, will the producers ever give Tristan a partner that could be a viable contender for the mirrorball trophy? Poor guy always gets booted so early. I think he’s earned his dues.

Brant & Peta

Score: 23 (8,7,8)
Dance: Rumba
Music: “Underneath Your Clothes”—Shakira

When you’re as hot as Brant, I think it should be mandatory that he perform every routine shirtless, especially a dance as sexy as a rumba. I agree with Len’s criticism that the biggest cheers the routine received occurred when Peta took off his jacket and when she lifted her leg. Not a good sign for longevity in the competition.

Amber & Derek

Score: 24 (8,8,8)
Dance: Jive
Music: “Reet Petite”—Jackie Wilson

Amber set the bar high during her first performance. That cha-cha was everything. Her jive was definitely outstanding given that it’s only the second week, but last week was such a showstopper, I was a tad underwhelmed tonight. Perhaps, I expected too much since she had the coveted pimp spot.

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First Elimination

Even with such a points disadvantage, Bill Nye stayed in the competition. Dude has some serious fans. The others better watch out. Not surprisingly, it came down to Bill Engvall and Keyshawn Johnson. No offense to Keyshawn, but I’m glad Bill E. stayed. I enjoy his performances more. He may not have walked away with the mirrorball, but at least Keyshawn earned one title. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he’s the worst-performing NFL player ever.

DWTS Season 17 Week 1 Performances

Since I didn’t blog about the season premiere last week, I wanted to share my four favorite performances. By far, I loved Bill Nye and Amber Riley’s routine the best. Check them out below, along with Elizabeth Berkley and Snooki’s.

Did the right celebrity leave? Who do you think is going to be eliminated next? Who are the frontrunners? Are you enjoying the one-week show format? Sound off below.