Dollhouse Closes It’s Doors


One of the best shows on tv has sadly gotten the axe. DOLLHOUSE the newest Joss Whedon series is going off the air after the final 13 episodes ordered by FOX. Why was this show canceled? One easy reason, Friday night time slot.

Yes dear readers, Dollhouse was given the worst day on television. Friday night is the graveyard shift for network TV and it really sucks that this show was slotted at 9pm.

The show isn’t a bad show at all. The basis of it is that people give up their lives and identities for 5 years, for an incredible amount of money. What happens is they wipe their current personalities, and put them safely on a shelf. After this is done, they become “Actives” and are given a name base don the phonetic Alphabet. Eliza Dushku the show’s star, is named Echo. Echo has quickly risen in the ranks and become the Dollhouses most popular Active, after Alpha went rogue and slaughtered a whole bunch of active including the former #1 Whiskey. Anyway, anyone can purchase an active for a certain amount of time, and have them implanted with any kind of personality, skill set, fear, whatever. Every week, Echo is implanted with something different that she needs to get through the latest dilemma she was put through.

The writing was great, the characters were outstanding, and the show was really really good. Sadly, it was the wretched timeslot that totally messed it up. I know that I will be watching the last few episodes of the show, and I hope you to do. It’s a really good one!

Another one bites the dust!

  • Adam

    I totally loved this show….i am totally upset! I think Joss Whedon is amazing…have been a fan since Buffy (I own all seven seasons), and Eliza Dushku….hopefully they will bounce back and find something else.

  • Friday night bites.
    If they put on that shit on Monday nights like Beautiful Life, they could’ve put this one on a better night.
    Stupid Fox. Another network should pick it up.


  • Adam

    (homoraz adam)

    I knew it was going to happen… but hearing you say it is the saddest thing in the world. I jumped on the band wagon half way through their first season and am obsessed …. this blows donkey balls 🙁

  • Harlequin

    I never saw the show, mainly because of what time it was on! But I love Joss Whedon. Same thing happened with Firefly. Firefly was AMAZING, but it got cut. Maybe the same thing’ll happen with dollhouse, where it’ll have such a big cult fanbase, that they’ll make a movie, and comics and so forth.

  • Adam

    so according to the Fox website, Dollhouse isn’t even listed on their show roster anymore, so we may not ever get to see the last episodes of the second season. We may have to wait for it to come out on DVD!