5 Minute Workout… Anywhere With Craig Ramsay


I’m in love. I am so in love I can’t even stand it. I want to introduce you all to Craig Ramsay.

I first got a glimpsed of this blonde god on an episode of 2 Broke Girls during the Grindr episode and nearly fell off my couch. In a 5 second cameo he became one of my most favourite characters. It wasn’t until today that I realized how absolutely madly in internet love I was with this soon to be viral internet sensation. (Trust me, it’s going to happen).

Craig Ramsay has something called the 5 Minute Workout Anywhere, and when he says anywhere he MEANS it. Fitting rooms, the copy machine and even in church! Craig is not accepting your excuse for not finding 5 minutes to work out. Craig is a gem, I WISH he had a class here in town it would be the most popular thing in the city. The funny thing is these actually work! I do really really feel the burn. I am really making copies AND making progress. I am praying away those sinful calories!

You need to watch these clips and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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  • EvChemical

    It’d be nice if you could write an article, without drooling over anything with muscles. This site reads like teenage gossip site at times because of unnecessary fawning. Is it beyond all of you as writers to express admiration, without sounding so infantile (and horny)?

  • Douggseven

    I…want…to hang myself.

  • Douggseven

    I was unaware everything had to read like a Mensa meeting…

  • EvChemical

    Evidently, you don’t get it. I have no issue with the content, I have issue that any semi-attractive guy that works out is talked about like a model/piece of meat. They have the Model Behaviour/Sports Studs/Man Crush/ articles for that (plus features on underwear/calendars/swimwear/etc.), not every article needs to be about “hot guys”, nor is it necessary to go into hysterics over every attractive person.

  • Douggseven

    Political gay site —> way. It’s kinda obvious this isn’t that site. There’s plenty of that on the web if that’s what you need.

  • EvChemical

    Now I know you don’t understand. Did you skip the part where I listed 3 regular articles, that were made FOR the purpose of obsessing over attractive guys? I said nothing about the article content, except for the salacious comments that I feel act as a detriment to what they’re writing.

    I come to this site because I like spread of material. They cover entertainment, lifestyle, fitness, pop culture, news, and more. I also like reading the user-submissions that pop up. I’ll even fully admit, I like the MB/MC/SS articles. YOU are the one making it seem like I want a “political” site.

    We can see that the guys are attractive, do you need to read it too? In EVERY feature, no less.

  • Craig Ramsay

    Thank you Tommy D for taking the time to write something nice & supportive especially with focusing on our community. My intensions with this series is to motivate people to move and be healthy while doing it with a sense of humor. Stay strong & support each other always. @CraigRamsayFit 🙂

  • Tommy D

    You shouldn’t take things so seriously. This is all for fun. Plus I actually don’t care he has muscles I like him more for the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and his workouts a re so funny.

  • EvChemical

    I’ll admit I phrased it poorly when I posted, and I did read more into than deserved. All I was trying to say is that your 2nd paragraph pays excellent tribute to the subject; it’d be nice if the rest of what you wrote was as spirited.