Push Rewind & “Remember When” With White Tie Affair’s Chris Wallace

Back in 2008, I fell in love with the indie rock/pop band The White Tie Affair. Their radio friendly tracks and honest lyrics made for a great debut album. Honestly, I had it on repeat for months when I first grabbed it. Now, frontman for the Chicago based rockers, Chris Wallace is stepping away from the group and putting a solo career in his own hands with a debut single, “Remember When (Push Rewind).”

The track is quite a departure from Chris’ “White Tie” tunes. Heavy on the synth, Chris sings about a relationship past where he wishes he could just push rewind and go back to when it was good. The lyrics are based on an old relationship that Wallace endured when his band was starting to make it big and he was going on tour. He explains that he and his girlfriend were on different pages.

This song is only the beginning for Chris and he plans to continue working on solo material. In a recent press release, he states: “The songs I write and release now all have to have three things that make up my ‘musical DNA‘. They all have to be honest – I have to feel them. Second, they have to have a melody that moves me and third, they need to hit hard!” Give a listen to Wallace’s solo debut below.

Chris Wallace, “Remember When (Push Rewind)”

  • zurvivor

    Glad that this gets more exposure. I love it when i heard it. The music video was great too.

    The song is inching towards top 50 on the top 40 radio formats in America. This should be a hit, wait i hope it is a big hit for him.

  • zurvivor

    I forget to mention he tour with lady gaga before she was big.