Carrie Underwood’s “Wizard of Oz” Inspired Music Video

She may have opted for red cowboy boots instead of red ruby slippers, but there is no denying Carrie Underwood looked to “The Wizard of Oz” for inspiration for her new music video. Instead of going the obvious route, Underwood and director Randee St. Nicholas, flipped the script and decided to tell a dark and somber tale instead. Nicholas definitely used his photography background to create sweeping and epic imagery. The 29-year-old country superstar is stunning in every clip. You would too, if you had a mane of blond hair blowing perfectly in slow motion in your face 😉

The clip begins in black and white like the classic film. Carrie plays a young woman dealing with an alcoholic and abusive father. The Idol winner tries to wake him from a drunken sleep before a twister wreaking havoc hits their home. In the end, she leaves him and chooses to save her self by following a crumbling yellow brick road to a storm shelter. See if you can spot the scarecrow in there. When the storm passes, she emerges from shelter and realizes the storm took her father away. Carrie’s own dog Penny appears in the clip playing the role of Toto. Watch the clip below.

Carrie Underwood “Blown Away” Music Video

What do you think? I had no idea Carrie had such acting chops? Are you a fan of “Blown Away” and of her latest album of the same title? Sound off below.

  • rowell

    going lady gaga path! hehe

  • Carl

    How can you possibly think that she is going the way of lady gaga? Nothing in video is even remotely similar.