Theatre Review: Blowing Whistles

Tonight, Patrick and I got a chance to catch Landmark Productions’ performance of the famed LGBT play, “Blowing Whistles.” The play was written by Matthew Todd, the current editor of Attitude magazine in the UK. The three-man play centers around the lives of three gay men, two in a relationship, the other a one-night threesome. However, this young man who enters their home turns out to bring much more than they both expected and turns their world upside-down.

Directed by Australian-transplant Morgan David Jones, and produced alongside the shows co-star Shane Bingham, the story rings true to a present situation that currently plagues gay relationships no matter where you live. The show also stars Michael Lyons and Cameron Crosby. Original written for a UK audience, Morgan and Shane received permission from the playwright to localize the play to their audience therefore, creating a unique story that references Vancouver and its isms. A really smart decision on their part.

At the top of the play, we meet gay couple Jamie and Nigel. The two are relaxing at home following a party for their 10-year anniversary. We quickly learn that Nigel is cruising around on GuySpy looking for the couple’s evening hook-up. Not exactly the way you’d expect a couple to celebrate. While Jamie isn’t too into it, once the evening’s treat, “cumboy17” also known as Mark shows up, both get enticed by him once he comes back from the bathroom wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Yes, the show does contain a little bit of male nudity. The couple has set some ground rules when it comes to hooking up and we learn about them as the play continues when Mark sets his sites on Jamie alone.

I don’t want to give too much of the play away so all I can say is go check out this wonderful show. It’s great to see Morgan and Shane bring such a prominent show to our city for the gay community. Set inside the wonderful PAL Theatre (which has a beautiful rooftop terrace to enjoy before the show and during intermission) the actors do a great job of portraying exactly what it’s like in some relationships in our community today. Act 1 will have you laughing and gasping while Act 2 will definitely bring out the tears. “Blowing Whistles” is running until August 4 and you can get your tickets HERE.