Adam’s Picks for the Three Biggest Fall Returning TV Winners


South Park

I know. It’s in it’s 20th season. Yes, 80% of you have stopped watching. Yes, this show is still the tits. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have perfected their series after years of fine tuning to find that seasons don’t need 20 episodes to keep your attention, instead that 14 in a year are able to fully grasp the current trends and worries of America. In recent seasons they’ve taken on the need to be politically correct at the cost of all reason and currently they’re using the impossible to avoid contest between Trump and Clinton as fodder for their humour. Of particular hilarity is the new joke of “member berries” (click on the youtube link to see) that lull us into a time when things were better and more simple… oh and super racist and bigoted: so, the past. This show has been nailing it episode after episode. I’ve heard told that they give themselves a week to write the show before it airs to make sure they are as au courrant as possible in what they mock from our modern life and the effort shows. It’s political and social satire at its best and you need to pick it back up this second if you let it slip from your viewing schedule.

How To Get Away With Murder

Three seasons in, yet another murder involving Annalise Keating and her ragtag team of ironically failing “star” lawyers to be… I know it sounds a bit played out at this point but something about this show keeps me tuning. My favourites: Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo (the smartest of the bunch and the best to listen to when her latina rage takes over); handsome Jack Falahee explaining tid bits of gay culture in every episode as if it were an after-school special for the straights on our lives (including PREP discussions and the Kim Chi line of “no fats no femmes no asians” as they confront bigotry in our own community); and, of course Annalise taking the “strong lead woman who likes a glass of red wine” to a whole new level as she downs bottle after bottle of whatever 80 proof liquor she can find. The show is a total mess in terms of reason and reality but Shonda Rhimes can do no wrong and keeps us constantly enthralled as we attempt to solve each murder and crime at least an episode before it’s revealed. This show still has it: I don’t know for how much longer (the curse of graduation), so get on board and ride it out until we finally see Annalise go to jail or die of alcohol poisoning.

Modern Family

KILLING IT. I’m not kidding, this show hasn’t missed a beat. First of all, Jeremy Maguire as Joe and Gloria’s son is POSSIBLY the cutest thing on television- let me just start with that. This kid has turned adopted Lily’s character into background noise with his cherub looks and impossibly adorable deliveries. But to the main cast: this family can do no wrong. Still fighting with each other after all these years this perfectly imperfect lot doesn’t disappoint in landing every line. The humour is family friendly but somehow so well witted that it keeps crotchety adults like myself entertained. I’ve thrown away comedies in past articles as something I don’t wait all week for but I will say that when this show pops up on my saved TV, it’s the first thing I watch knowing that before the credits roll I’ll be already dying at some exchange between the sisters or watching Claire nearly explode her waspy head in a way that only myself and my mother could understand. Love it.

Well, there you have it: my returning TV cheers. Turn in for my Best and Worst 3 new picks for the Fall lineup!

  • lars

    Come on hollywood.. you can do so much better then producing another hyperbolic superhero theme..this obsession with power and superhero..another white guy save the world..have’t we all have been there-seen it all?pls.. How about coming closer to ground reality, make movies that would inspire people to join hands to fix the world’s problems …ground up?