New LOGO/OUTtv Series ‘Banana’ Reviewed


So I have to ask: how bad ARE the asses of guys in England??

Honestly, what passes for hot over there? I have to assume by the zoom ins on what I have to say are the flattest butts I’ve ever seen that squats aren’t exactly a part of a Brit’s daily routine. Still, the accents are pretty sexy so don’t give up quite yet. Set up as Logo’s sister show to Cucumber that follow the story of one older gay man, Banana instead focuses on the youth of gay Manchester and peeks into the often less than glamourous but still full of anal lives of a much younger demographic. This is definitely a recommend to the younger generation looking to see how British gay life compares. Spoiler alert: other than the bad asses and average builds, our trials are pretty universal.

I have to ask, who walks around with their Grindr volume on while at work? And, do guys just say straight up yes to NSA without even looking? Christ, I guess I’m a prude compared to today’s 20-somethings? Not unlike its counterpart show, Banana doesn’t seem to care about you liking its main characters. Right off the bat you kind of hate everyone on screen for being whiny, deranged, and without any redeeming qualities. Instead, this series presents today’s gays how they are: warts and all. I would certainly argue it’s a bold choice and VERY un-american TV-esque. Where the U.S. depends on perfect looking and agreeable protagonists, this show seems to forget there’s a makeup department and doesn’t mind if everything turns up shit so long as it feels real to them. Good on em’ I say!

I have to say, I completely love the obsession with gays the straights in this show demonstrate: from wanting to hear about our sex to really anything we’re discussing with friends, it’s so true. The fact that a gay is doing it or is into it suddenly gives it a cache of interest. I’m glad at least one show is able to laugh at it. Further, not just the typical focus on gay boys and all their hot sex, this show is more akin to the British series Skins where each episode focuses on the life of a different kid… this time the kids are basically ALL gay, not just mostly gay. Lesbians get a chance to say hello (don’t worry, they haven’t shown anything close up in the bedroom for them… yet).

The acting as per classic British TV is dead on, the depressing lives level is off the chart (as is the craziness of some of these characters), but, all in all, it’s definitely worth a watch. See how the gays across the pond are living and learn from their many, MANY mistakes I say. Thanks for another great one U.K. Oh, and if you’re watching from Canada like I am, be sure to catch it on OutTV!

  • James Deibert

    This is one of the worst casting choices I have ever seen. Jessie is a one note actor that is the same in EVERY movie he is in and its NOT what Lex is supposed to be like. This movie is seriously becoming a huge joke and it makes me very sad.

  • macguffin54

    I know going against type often yields great results. Both Nicholson and Ledger proved great (despite early reservations). But they are making choices that are all very fan-unfriendly. I like Eisenberg, but Luthor and Superman are supposed to be similar in ages, and I just don’t see how would be good as an archenemy. He has never shown himself to be anything but the goofy, likable young slacker character. He might yet have solid performances in him, the way Ledger did with Monster’s Ball/Brokeback Mountain/Dark Knight, but I don’t see it. And Luthor has never been an especially showy role to give anyone much to play with. This isn’t shaping up well.

  • maximreed

    No bubble-butts, average build… Yep that’s normal. Thank god it didn’t feature gym queens, but regular people instead!

  • Sam I Am

    I agree. This reviewer is a complete, as the Brits put it, twit. Flat butts..really?. Im sorry, not everyone has the shapely sculpted Russell Tovey butt. Its refreshing to see average bodied, rather than muscle queens on our screens for a change. I could not continue reading this review any further when they began the article in such a tasteless way. Way to reinforce the negative stereotypes and perceptions associated with gay male body image.

  • J Russell

    Perfect post u did here. Yes I like the Normal butt, just a guy butt, and he does have a nice butt!! Take care man! JR