Anne Hathaway & James Franco Pay Homage To “Evita” & “Grease”

If you still weren’t convinced Anne Hathaway and James Franco would do an excellent job co-hosting this year’s Academy Awards from their first two promos, the following two videos should do the trick. I’m really looking forward to the youthful, fun energy these two actors are going to bring to the show. While both Franco and Hathaway are respected Oscar-nominated actors, they’ve also shown their comedic sides in hit films like “Pineapple Express” and “The Bride Wars” respectively. It’ll be their proven comedic timing that’ll make the marathon broadcast fun to watch.

In the first clip, Anne Hathaway channels her inner Eva Peron in the classic musical, “Evita“. Just when you think it’ll be a straight-up imitation, Hathaway switches up the lyrics to “Don’t cry for me Kodak Theater“. Then she breaks it down and starts rapping to Wreckx-N-Effect’s hit, “Rump Shaker“. I love how she’s not afraid to make a fool of herself to provide some laughs. Check it out below.

Anne Hathaway’s “Evita” Oscar Promo

How cute was she? As if I didn’t love her enough already. She’s going to kill it Oscar night.

In the second clip, Anne & James reenact the iconic scene in “Grease” where Sandy skanks herself up, much to the delight of Danny. It’s far more abstract than the Evita clip. There’s no sound and just quickly cut vignettes of them at the fairgrounds. Franco posted the video on his Twitter with no real explanation. Reports say that the duo filmed a few of these to air throughout the telecast. I can’t wait. Just imagine how good it’ll be with sound and what context it’s used within the show. Both of them look gorgeous. Anne especially with her big hair and bright red lipstick. Check it out below.

Anne Hathaway & James Franco’s “Grease” Oscar Video

Be sure to catch all the action, when the 83rd Academy Awards airs on ABC at 5pm EST