Who’s Joining Mariah Carey On American Idol Panel?

With Mariah Carey officially taking over Jennifer Lopez’s seat on the judging panel, chatter has now shifted to who’ll be joining her. Since a record one-season pay day was given to the “Heartbreaker” singer, there isn’t much left over for the other two judges. Instantly, you can scratch off those big A-list names off that list, plus any women as well. I’m sure MiMi wants to be the only vajayjay on the show.

Early speculation had producers eying former “American Idol” alums as possible judges. Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert was one name being considered. Based on the latest rumors, it would seem Lambert joining is no longer happening. Instead, two names from different sides of the musical spectrum are in the mix. Find out who below.

Former Disney teen idol Nick Jonas and prolific producer Pharrell Williams of Neptunes and N.E.R.D. fame are reportedly in the final stages of negotiations to join the FOX show for its twelfth season. US Weekly was the first to break the story. If this happens, Nick who’s the youngest of the Jonas Bros. certainly scored in the reality department. Oldest bro Kevin currently appears on “Married To Jonas” on E! while middle child Joe recently appeared on Fox’s celebrity dating show, “The Choice“. There’s really no comparison if Nick ends up on Idol.

If Jonas and Williams do join, what does this mean for original judge Randy Jackson? Is he leaving the show? In short, “no”. Instead, the OG is moving into a mentoring role. He’ll spend more time with Jimmy Iovine behind the scenes assisting contestants with song selection and performance issues. You’ll be happy to know that you haven’t heard the last of “dawg“, “pitchy” or other Randy-isms. You’re welcome.

What do you think of the potential trio of Carey, Jonas and Williams? Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Jonas is easy on the eyes, especially from the back 😉 Mariah will undoubtedly say something crazy and Williams will be the voice of credibility. I can’t wait. How about you? Sound off below.

  • justmarc

    AI go away

  • Aqua

    AI became Shit when Simon left.. As much as i hate simon cowell, he was the essence of the show. and now these jiggaboos joining .. Pharell sucks and jonas brother ..like seriously? jonas isnt even an acomplished singer and he would be judging a singing show.. Get real… AI should be cancelled…

  • Dbrewer75

    I’m all for Pharrell but I don’t think a Jonas brother is a good idea. Nick will probably come cheap though so I guess that’s good for AI. I am all for Randy going behind the scenes. He has been phoning it in for a few years now.

  • Justin

    adam lambert should have been part of the panel as a recent idol who found success after the show and knows how hard the process is to go through. he experienced american idol so he can give valuable feedback week to week since he’s been in that situation too.

  • Jeffrey Dean

    Stick a fork in it! American Idol is done and needs no resurrection. Too predictable. Perhaps they need a wild card so Judges can overrule when Americans pick a crappy contestant to win. Zzzzzzzzz

  • Donny

    Really Aqua? Did you call the number one female artist of all time a Jiagaboo?

  • Jj

    Simon is not the essence of the show it is a singing competition so i guess it is safe to say that the contestants are the essence of the show so the judges and producers better give us real talents..and for you people saying ai is done why waste time commenting on articles about it?admit it or not ai is surviving and its because of people like you who keeps on complaining about it yet can’t help but watch and get entertained come along the show.peace to all 🙂

  • This must happen. I agree about the combo of cute, cred and crazy that Nick, Pharrell and Mariah will bring respectively. As long as Mariah is there and NOT Nick Cannon, then I’m fine with the other judges.